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Why It Is Important To Take Care Of Tiles When Designing Interiors?

Generation is now busy in designing indoors. Glossy materials come first undoubtedly if we talk about the attractions. Mosaics of Tiles are a brilliant choice to opt for interior floors or wall decoration. But maintenance is a must for all. There are various kinds of tiles to be analysed in the course of cleaning them. These tiles are too sensitive that it can easily attract dirt and dust. A weekly care of them cannot be enough to avoid unwanted stains in them. So, this is a short guide from us to you in Tile Cleaning. Hope this would help you.

A General guide to Tile Cleaning:

  • The dust particles on the tile can easily be removed by vacuuming and brushing.
  • The stains or spots can be removed by gently scratching the slopes or surfaces.
  • Once the scratching is complete the deep unwashed grouts can be removed by using a sponge mop. Before that the sponge is soaked into the detergent-warm water mixture or vinegar-lemon water mixture.
  • If the floor or wall tile is protected with a removable film or plastic, it should be removed for a deep clean and also it should be changed and altered regularly for not sitting the dirt permanently.
  • The mop should be selected wittily. In many cases the floors become damaged for the wrong selection of mop. Sponge mops should be avoided.
    In Tile Cleaning, the floors and walls should be dried properly after wet cleaning.

An Excellency in Tile Cleaning from us:

Before applying anything on tiles to clean the material or mixture must be testified whether it is suitable for the tile or not. Our treatment is different for various kinds of tiles.

Ceramic tiles require a light care whereas marble, slate and granite like stone tiles need specialized cleaning. A short discussion on the topic can help you in your Tile Cleaning mission.

When to talk about Ceramic Tile, though it has long durability it requires some domestic care. Loose dirts can be removed by sweeping or vacuuming. For wet cleaning a major washing with mild detergent water is enough. If soap cleaning makes unwanted spot after drying, sweeping with mild acids and water blend can remove it.

BUT there are some limitations in the usage of acid over tiles. Marble tiles should not be cleaned with acids like vinegar or lemon extracts. The scratchy brushes are usually avoided applying in it. Gently use of detergent soaked towel can remove the washable dirts.

Slate and granite tile specially can be cleaned by pH-neutral detergents.
The elastic tiles, namely, rubber ,vinyl and linoleum tiles can be treated differently. Abrasives or scrubbing machines cannot be applied on these. The mixture of borax and water works best as cleanser. These kind of sensitive tiles should be covered with wax-coats.

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