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Tile and Grout Cleaning Launceston

Tile and Grout Cleaning Launceston – Restore your tile & grout floor to look new again! Hire the best tile & grout cleaners in Launceston today.

  • Refresh your tile & grout on the same day
  • tile cleaning and sealing specialists
  • tile cleaners with 5-star reviews
  • affordable prices
  • Latest tile and grout cleaning machine
  • Eco-friendly tile and grout cleaner products
  • Bathroom tile and grout cleaning
Tile Grout Cleaning Launceston

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Gives You Sparkling Floors

Our tile & grout cleaning professionals are expert in tile cleaning, grout cleaning, tile sealing, grout recolouring, grout repair, tile repair and tile regrouting services in Launceston! Looking for tile and grout cleaning Launceston? You are lucky to have landed on the right page. Here you will get all the services your tiles and grouts are demanding. Call on 0488 847 344 for the same day tile and grout cleaning service. We clean all kinds of tiles with the latest technology and world-class equipment to completely transform your dirty tiles and grouts into shining and clean! With over 20 years of experience, we are one of the leading names in the industry.

  1. Local Tile & Grout Cleaning Company
  2. Qualified & Experienced Cleaners
  3. Expert in Tile Sealing & Regrouting
  4. Restore your home tiled surface to look new again
  5. Grout Epoxy Services to increase Strength and Durability
  6. Slippery Floor Treatment
  7. All Kinds of Floor Cleaning & Makeover
  8. Tile & Grout Honing
  9. Bathroom/Shower Tile & grouts cleaning
  10. Expert cleaning and protection
  11. Get a New look of your interior
  12. Effective & safe cleaning methods
  13. Germ-free tiled surfaces
  14. Fully Expert technicians

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    “Deluxe Tile Cleaning team specialises in tile, grout cleaning services, where we use top-level equipment and machines. Our expert tile cleaning team will remove the heavy dirt and oil spots from your tiles by applying superior tile cleaning process and detergents.”

    Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning

    We have the best tile cleaners have the expertise and the commercial-grade equipment that is necessary to get the best Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning. Our tile grout cleaners use truck-mounted high-temperature steam cleaners combined with high-pressure cleaning to remove mould, mildew, staining and other discolouration from tiles, grout and other hard surfaces.

    Why Is It Important to Hire Professionals for Tile and Grout Cleaning?

    Tiles make your home look stylish and add charm to it. But maintaining this charm and style completely depends on the maintenance of tiles. Cleaning the tile and grouts using homely methods are not enough and need more. The professionals know how to deal with the stubborn stains and dirt embedded badly in tile grouts.  

    • Prolongs the life of tiles- Besides making the tiles clean, shiny and bright, professional cleaning saves the tiles from getting any damage, which ultimately results in an increased life of the tiles.
    • Saves your effort and money- It might not seem but cleaning the tiles on your own is a difficult task and take lots of efforts. Moreover, professional cleaning helps you saving money as tile cleaning needs proper training and the right equipment, and lack of it may result in damaging the tiles, which will increase your expenditure.
    • Healthier environment- This is one of the important aspects that make professional tile and grout cleaning important. The tile of your bathroom gets attacked by the mould and allergens which are unhygienic and create health issues. The professional remove such nasty microbes using the right cleaning solution and tools effectively.

    So, it’s very important to take professional tile and grout cleaning Launceston services instead of trying it on your own.

    Best Tile Cleaners
    Best Tile Cleaners

    Types of Tiles We Deal With

    • Sandstone tile cleaning
    • Granite Tile cleaning
    • Ceramic tile cleaning
    • Porcelain tile cleaning
    • Slate tile cleaning
    • Terracotta tile cleaning
    • Limestone tile cleaning
    • Bathroom tile cleaning
    • Marble tile cleaning
    • Travertine tile cleaning
    • Vinyl floor cleaning
    • Concrete floor cleaning
    • Terrazzo tile cleaning

    Our Tile Cleaning Services

    Our tile and grout cleaning  Launceston team are specialized in grout cleaning using high duty cleaning equipment. We use eco-friendly tile chemicals safe for your pet and family.

    Floor Stripping Mlebourne

    Floor Stripping Launceston

    The technicians from our team offer the best services of floor stripping Launceston, that too at most amazing prices. Our technicians use heavy duty tile cleaning equipment and tile stripping methods to clean the old stain from the tiles, remove old sealant. Our tile cleaners do their best to restore tiles to look like new.

    Grout Color Sealing

    Grout Color Sealing

    Deluxe Tile Cleaners are professional at matching the colour of grout sealers with your choice of colour and advise you about the sealer colour. Tile colour sealing will enhance the beauty of your tiles. So, if you want high-quality services for grout colour sealing, our talented experts can reach your place to make your tiles live once again.

    Tile Honing

    Tile Honing

    Tile honing is the process, that makes your tiled surfaces look smoother, cleaner and elegant. The services we offer for stone or tile honing, make your premises a better place, and give you the chance to flaunt in front of your guests and visitors. So, hire Deluxe Tile Cleaning professionals for tile honing Launceston and get back the shine of your tiled floors.

    Tile Polishing

    Tile Polishing

    Tile polishing is one of the best technique to enhance the shine of stone and tiled areas dramatically. Polishing removes even the smallest of the scratches from the stone that are not visible to the naked eyes, leaving a flawless surface behind. We at Deluxe Tile Cleaning offer the best services for tile and stone polishing.

    Tile Regrouting

    Tile Regrouting

    Tile regrouting is just like skin rejuvenation. Tile regrouting makes your tiles to look fresh and cleaned to perfection. We at Deluxe Tile Cleaning are expert in regrouting your tiles with the help of right skill, latest technology and equipment. So, what are you waiting for? Hire us today and get the restored look of your tiled surfaces in no time.

    Tile Repairs

    Tile Repairs

    Deluxe professionals also offer the services for tile repairs Launceston. Over a certain time, the surface of your tiles may break, fade, crack or become chipped. Damaged tiles make your premise look unappealing, dull and unattractive. If you try to repair yourself tiles on your own, you may lack the experience, knowledge and tools. Thus, you should call Deluxe professionals for tile repair services.

    Tile Sealing Specialists

    Tile Sealing Specialists Launceston

    Our tile sealers are expert in sealing porous tiles. Tile sealing will help you to prevent grout to get dirty and also prevent tile stains. Tile sealing creates a layer of protection on the tiles. After tile sealing, tile surface becomes smooth easy to clean or mob your tile. We strongly recommend your new tiles to get tile sealing protection that will give more life to your tiles and protect tiles against deterioration.

    Shower Tiles Restoration

    Shower Tiles Restoration

    Bathroom and shower tiles are one of the most ignored parts of the home, that gets attention when it becomes slippery or mould has grown in the area. But for the prevention of accident or disease, it is important to have your shower and bathroom tiles cleaned by the professionals. Our tile cleaners can do that for you at most affordable, without compromising on the quality.

    High-Pressure Cleaning Launceston

    High-Pressure Cleaning Launceston

    High-Pressure Cleaning is one of the most effective methods to make external areas such as driveways and pavements clean and grime free. This method allows the complete removal of dirt and contaminants from pathways and driveways. And the best thing is, we can do it for you with the utmost perfection at the most reasonable prices. Hence, if you want to have the external areas of your offices and house as clean as the internal ones, hire our team for effective cleaning.

    Grouting Tile Cleaning

    Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting

    Epoxy grouting is the best method to save your grouts from the attack of stains, dirt and contaminants. This grouting does not let the stains and dirt set in, which ultimately saves you from efforts. Initially, epoxy grouting was majorly used in industrial sectors, but over time, this grouting method became popular among the residential sector as well. Hence, if you also want to get rid of clumsy, stained and dirty grouts, epoxy grouting or regrouting is the best solution.

    Grout Sealing

    Grout Sealing

    Deluxe Tile Cleaning gives complete care to your grout, and grout sealing is one of the major services we offer to our customers. If your tile grouts have started to look dull, chipped, cracked and have completely worn out, it is time you go for grout sealing Launceston. Our tile and grout cleaning technicians will clean and seal your grout lines using the best sealants. Grout sealing helps to maintain the beauty of your tiled areas and allows easy cleaning. Hire our experts for professional and high quality grout sealing in Melbourne also at nominal cost.

    Floor Buffing and Floor Polishing

    Floor Buffing and Floor Polishing

    Another floor restoration service we offer includes floor buffing and polishing. Floor buffing is the act of removing scratches and marks from your floors and making them smooth, flawless and glossy. With the help of high-power equipment and buffing pads, we make your floors look polished. So, restore the shine of your floor to new and leave a powerful impact on your visitors.

    Stone Grinding

    Stone Grinding

    Stone grinding brings the impurities like scratches and ingrained dirt out of your floors. This is one of the most prefered methods to get rid of imperfections leaving your floors in a polished finish. Stone grinding eliminates scratches, stains, ingrained dirt and other contaminants from your tiles leaving them smooth. Also, the grinding removes the fault of uneven tiles transpired at the time of tile installation.

    Efflorescence Treatment

    Efflorescence Treatment

    Ever noticed salt like formations in tiled areas? These formations are called efflorescence. No matter how hard you try getting rid of these deposits by homely conventional methods, you do not get the desired results. Whereas tile and grout cleaning team of Deluxe tile cleaners use specific equipment for the removal of efflorescence treatment. Also, we use numerous other treatments to rid your floors from efflorescence effectively and safely.

    Tile Restoration Services Launceston

    Deluxe Tile Cleaning has restored thousands of sq. meters of tiles and adopts the best procedure to restore the original look of your tiles.
    Here is a comprehensive process that we adopt:

    • We inspect all the affected areas very closely
    • Then, we explain the process thoroughly to the customers
    • We remove the old grout
    • We clear the grout lines with a special solution
    • Afterwards, we install the new grout in the colour of your choice
    • Next, we clean the grout lines and remove haze from them
    • Grout is left to dry

    Our expert tile cleaners and restoration experts make sure that your tiles are not affected during the entire process.


    We follow a defined model at Deluxe for Tile and Grout Cleaning Launceston, to ensure a repeatable and cost-effective method is applied to all of our customers equally.


    STEP 1 – The inspection

    • The first and the most important step is to inspect your floors before starting our tile and grout cleaning procedure.
    • Floor inspection of the premises ensures we spot any grout that is creeping between tiles.
    Pre-Grout Clean

    STEP 2 – Apply pre-grout clean

    • Alkaline-based degreasing solution is applied to the surface.
    • The solution is allowed to stay for up to 20 minutes
    • This loosens accumulated soil, grease, contaminants and topical residues
    Turbo Rinse

    STEP 3 – The turbo rinse

    • Tile and grout are rinsed using pressure heated water.
    • All water, tile, and grout cleaning solutions and contaminants are captured and extracted away in one process.
    • The system is completely fluid controlled with no over wetting of any other surfaces or areas
    Rotary Scrubbing

    STEP 4 – Rotary Scrubbing

    • We thoroughly scrub all tiles to ensure grout and uncleanliness is removed.
    • We use advanced quality’s rotary scrubbing tools that help us bring the floor’s shine back.

    What to Expect from Deluxe Tile and Grout Cleaning Launceston?

    We are counted among the top companies providing tile and grout cleaning Launceston services. Following are the reasons you should hire us and what you can expect from us.

    Tile Repair Service Launceston
    Tile Repair Service Launceston
    • Top-notch service for tile and grout cleaning
    • A new look of the tiles
    • Complete removal of mould, dirt and other harmful allergens
    • Use of safer and eco-friendly cleaning solutions
    • Experienced and certified cleaners
    • Over 20 years of experience in the industry