Deluxe Tile and Grout Cleaning Canberra restore your home tile & grout to look new again.Turn your dirty tile and grout to its new shiny look!

Affordable and Reliable Tile and Grout Cleaning in Canberra

Deluxe Tile and Grout Cleaning Canberra is one of the finest tile and grout cleaning company in Canberra. We come with years of experience and use eco-friendly methods to clean tile.

Tile and Grout cleaning is an important task which must be considered at regular intervals to maintain your floors well. Often with years of use and treading upon, the tiles collect a lot of dirt which accumulates along the sides to render a dirty look. With time, these become more difficult and may lead to corrosion.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Canberra
Tile and Grout Cleaning Canberra

Grout being porous will collect dirt and moisture easily, thus becoming more vulnerable to wearing out. Regular mopping or even scrubbing will not be able to take out the dirt from the tiles.

Deluxe Tile Cleaning is professional tile and grout cleaning company in Canberra. We have the right solutions for all types of tile cleaning problems.

Importance of Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

  • Improving the longevity of the tiles floor

    Professional tile and grout cleaning in Canberra ensures that the longevity is improved as corrosion is taken care of. The dirt that accumulates in the tiles will eventually give a worn out discolored look. Grout has the tendency to collect moisture and dirt which leads to corrosion.

    Professional cleaning and maintenance can take care of these problems.

  • Shine, look, and luster of the floor

    Grout Color Sealing Canberra
    Grout Color Sealing Canberra

    The floors are most abused daily as these are most trodden upon, therefore collecting dirt and grime from all kinds of sources. Liquids may get spilled which may leave temporary or difficult stains, spots, and marks. Eventually, the floors lose the shine and luster thus rendering a dirty and worn outlook.

    Professional tile and grout cleaning can remove the dirt and stains properly thus making the floors clean, shining and new.

  • Health and hygiene for the family and guests

    An unclean floor can be a haven for all kinds of bacteria and even mold growth. Places like the kitchen and bathroom where floors may become moist from time to time may become breeding grounds for germs.

    It is for the safety and well being of the family, pets and even guests who visit that the floors should be cleaned professionally to get rid of all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

  • Daily mopping is the solution

    Daily mopping and even scrubbing aren’t the solutions for tile and grout cleaning. Only professional tile and grout cleaning can take care of the problems which happen due to the dirt and moisture which gets accumulated with time.

    Damaged Tile Repair Canberra
    Damaged Tile Repair Canberra

    The professionals use advanced technology and modern equipment which can efficiently remove the dirt and evade the corrosion process.

  • Grout is difficult to clean by non-professionals

    Grout is a porous material which collects moisture and dirt very easily. Non-professionals don’t have the right know-how to clean grout which can be a difficult task. Professional grout cleaning involves the use of technology and equipment.

  • Complete cleaning of moisture and residue

    Moisture gets collected easily which is left behind by regular mopping. Mopping can’t be avoided as daily cleaning is important. Professional tile and grout cleaning can take care of total cleaning including removal of moisture.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in Canberra

Deluxe Tile Cleaning in Canberra ensures that we clean your tiles and grout cent percent. Here are a few tile and grout cleaning services that we provide:

Bathroom Tile Cleaning Canberra
Bathroom Tile Cleaning Canberra
  • Grout color sealing
  • Tile, grout and stone sealing
  • Grout Repair and tile re-grouting
  • Damaged tile repairs
  • Slippery floor treatment
  • Silicone seal treatment
  • Glass restoration and glass protection
  • Epoxy grouting
  • Professional exterior cleaning
  • Terracotta and slate sealing
  • Bathroom and kitchen makeover

Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Our tiles and grout cleaning process involves a step by step set of methods which ensure that the cleaning is perfect and most satisfactory. Tiles and grout require professional cleaning and maintenance so that the damage can be taken care. Deluxe Tile Cleaning uses the best methods, most modern equipment, and the safest cleaning agents.

Tile Cleaning Services Canberra
Tile Cleaning Services Canberra
  • Pre-inspection

    This step involves the checking and evaluation of the present condition of the tiles and grout. Based on this, a cleaning plan is prepared.

  • Pre-sweeping

    The whole area is prepared by sweeping and an initial cleaning is done.

  • Applying relevant detergents

    Proper detergents are applied in right measure and the cleaning procedure begins.

  • Rotary scrubbing

    In this step, the dirt and soil are loosened through agitation initiated with the movement of rotary scrubbers.

  • Stain treatment

    If there is a need appropriate stain treatment application will be done.

    Tile Stain Removal Services Canberra
    Tile Stain Removal Services Canberra
  • High-pressure treatment

    Extraction is carried out by applying extremely high pressure.

  • Final mopping

    Once the cleaning procedure is completed, a final mopping is done. The floor is then left to dry.

  • Post-Inspection

    A post inspection is done to check if everything has been taken care of during the cleaning process and it’s satisfactory to the customer.

Why Choose Deluxe Tile Cleaning?

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services
Tile and Grout Cleaning Services
  • We have the best tile and grout cleaning services in Canberra along with a professional team who has the best knowledge and expertise.
  • You will meet a warm and courteous professional team who has every solution for your tile and grout cleaning problems.
  • Our services are provided in residential and commercial areas.
  • We even provide services to most remote areas in Canberra.
  • The best thing about us is we give great service at a most affordable price which you will get nowhere else in Canberra.
  • We have the most advanced technology and modern equipment.
  • Our procedure is systematic and will take care of all your tile and grout cleaning problems.
  • We use the safest cleaning agents which are most healthy for your family and pets.

Contact us on phone or visit us personally to get the best deal for your tile and grout cleaning problems.

Location: Canberra, ACT, Australia

Unbeatable Services for Tile Cleaning

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I call Deluxe Tile Cleaners every time I need any kind of services related to tiles. They are simply the best. This time I called them to have my shower tiles cleaned, and as always, they delivered the best services. I had forgotten the real colour of my shower tiles, these guys cleaned the area thoroughly and made them shine once again. There are no more dirty and mouldy tiles in my bathroom. Very happy with the services. I recommend them to everyone.

Deluxe Cleaners Love your Services

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I am in total awe of Deluxe Cleaners. First of all they have a wide range of cleaning services all under one roof. Be it carpet, upholstery, curtains, mattresses or tiles – they do it all! So, I don’t have to look anywhere else. Moreover, their unbeatable prices and trained and experienced cleaners add to their advantage.

The best Canberra Tiles Cleaning Service

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It is not a good idea to take the risk of cleaning your home tiles applying the household techniques. Deluxe Tile Cleaning Services is good for tiles and grout cleaning Canberra. They are cost effective. You can book them in Sundays and holidays also. I booked them for my kitchen tiles cleaning. I like their work. I would like to recommend them to all my friends. Thank you Deluxe Tile Cleaning Team for your best help.

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