Tile And Grout Cleaning Brisbane

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaners in Brisbane

Deluxe Tile and grout cleaning provide tile cleaning, grout cleaning, kitchen tiles, bathroom tile cleaning services at the lowest prices. Tile and Grout Cleaning Brisbane offers specialists floor cleaning, regrouting, tile coloring, kitchen, bathroom, shower, outdoor, floor and wall tiles cleaning services. Call 1300 331 708 for same day tile and grout cleaning services anywhere in Brisbane.

  • Surface Epoxy Grouting: Our epoxy services seals your floor which helps against staining
  • Dirty or Moulding Tiles & Grouts: our cleaning process remove stain & restore your tile surface to look like new.
  • Stained & Discoloured Grouts: Over the time Grout colour get faded and look dirty. Our tile technicians are able to repair, recolour and seal your tiled grouts for future protection of your floor
  • Broken, Cracked or Damaged Tiles: Our tile & grout specialists are able to repair or replace your tiles.
  • Bathroom Silicone Sealant Repair: We can fix bathroom Silicone with new one.
  • Anti Slip Tiled Surface: We also offer the best anti-slip tile treatment on wet surfaces
  • Floor Buffing and Floor Polishing Services
    • Why is It Important to Hire Professionals for Tile and Grout Cleaning?

      Tiles make your home look stylish and add charm to it. But maintaining this charm and style completely depends on the maintenance of tiles. Cleaning the tile and grouts using homely methods is enough and needs much more. But the professionals know how to deal with the stubborn stains and dirt embedded badly in tile grouts.  

      • Prolongs the life of tiles- Besides making the tiles clean, shiny and bright, professional cleaning saves the tiles from tear and wear, which ultimately result in an increased life of the tiles.
      • Saves your effort and money- It might not seem but cleaning the tiles on your own is a difficult task and take lots of efforts. Moreover, professional cleaning helps you with saving money. As, tile cleaning needs proper training and the right equipment, and lack of them may result in tearing the tiles, which might hurt your pocket.
      • Healthier environment- This is one of the important aspects that make professional tile and grout cleaning important. The tile of your bathroom gets attacked by the mold and allergens which are unhygienic and create health issues. The professional remove such nasty microbes using the right cleaning solution and tools effectively.

      So, it’s very important to take professional tile and grout cleaning Brisbane services instead of trying it on your own.

      Get new-like floors back with exceptional tile and grout cleaning

      Tiled surfaces and floors look good only when they are installed, and lose shine and luster over time. And, it is not easy to find professional techniques and cleaning chemicals/agents to get the desired results. In other words, it is very difficult to obtain the new-like appearance of the tiled floors back once they become dirty. The option left for you is to get professional tile and grout cleaning services from a reputed company.

      Tile and Grout Cleaning Brisbane
      Tile and Grout Cleaning Brisbane

      Deluxe  Tile And Grout Cleaning is one of the best tile and grout cleaning companies providing services in all suburbs of Brisbane. Our team comprises licensed, certified people who are well-versed in cleaning tiles and grout of all types. They focus on customer satisfaction, and always provide quality services. At Deluxe Tile And Grout Cleaning, our prices for tile and grout cleaning services are reasonable, and there are no hidden charges. If you have any questions related to our services, you can speak to our 24×7 customer service representatives.

      Call us at 1300 331 708, and book our tile cleaning services anywhere in Brisbane.


      Customized tile and grout cleaning services in Brisbane

      Are you fed up cleaning your tiles, but don’t get the desired results yet? If so, contact Deluxe Tile And Grout Cleaning, and get the best tile and grout cleaning services. We also specialize in tile stripping, tile sealing grout recoloring, grout restoration, tile restoration, caulking, color sealing, tile resurfacing floor polishing, crack or broken tile replacement, mildew or stain removal, tile protective coating, and shower/tub steam cleaning. No matter where in Brisbane your home or office is, we will deliver our services to your location. We clean tiles of all types including travertine, marble, granite, mosaic tiles, quarry, porcelain, sandstone, ceramic, and limestone.

      Tile and Grout Cleaning Services Brisbane
      Tile and Grout Cleaning Services Brisbane

      When you call us for tile cleaning, we ask for a suitable date and time to do an initial inspection. We send a representative to your home/office, who comprehensively inspect your floor, and you can also discuss your requirements with him. After inspection, he will tell you about different options and cleaning methods to be undertaken. Also, he will give you a clear-cut idea about how much the entire tile and grout cleaning process will cost you. We also offer same day cleaning services.

      Our cleaning process starts with sweeping the floor to remove the loose dirt particles, and then apply the environment-friendly agent on the tiles and grout linings. We use specially designed brushes to remove the surface dirt, and then use high-quality machines to dry the space. We perform every task carefully, ensuring there is no damage to the tiles and grout.

      Benefits you get with our professional tile cleaning services

      • Get the cleaned, shiny version of the tiled floor back.
      • Get rid of the skiff marks, stains, and other dirt particles you have spent hours to remove for.
      • Reasonably priced services. No hidden costs!
      • We provide tile and grout cleaning services all over the Brisbane region.
      • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all cleaning services.
      • Same day services also available. So, no more waits to get new like tiles.
      • You will receive sound advice for tile and cleaning. So, food spills or stains; clean them within minutes.

      Tile and Grout Surface Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting

      Epoxy grouting in Brisbane is the best method to save your grouts from the attack of stains, dirt and contaminants. This grouting does not let the stains and dirt set in, which ultimately saves you from efforts. Initially, epoxy grouting was majorly used in industrial sectors, but over time, this grouting method became popular among the residential sector as well. Hence, if you also want to get rid of clumsy, stained and dirty grouts, epoxy grouting or regrouting is the best solution.

      Grout Sealing

      Deluxe Tile Cleaning gives complete care to your grout, and grout sealing is one of the major services we offer to our customers. If your tile grouts have started to look dull, chipped, cracked and have completely worn out, it is time you go for grout sealing Brisbane. Our tile and grout cleaning technicians will clean and seal your grout lines using the best sealants. Grout sealing helps to maintain the beauty of your tiled areas and allows easy cleaning.

      Floor Buffing and Floor Polishing

      Floor Buffing and Floor Polishing
      Floor Buffing and Floor Polishing

      Another floor restoration service we offer in Brisbane includes floor buffing and polishing. Floor buffing is the act of removing scratches and marks from your floors and making them smooth, flawless and glossy. With the help of high-power equipment and buffing pads, we make your floors look polished. So, restore the shine of your floor to new and leave a powerful impact on your visitors.

      Stone Grinding

      Stone grinding brings the impurities like scratches and ingrained dirt out of your floors. This is one of the most preferred methods to get rid of imperfections leaving your floors in a polished finish. Stone grinding eliminates scratches, stains, ingrained dirt and other contaminants from your tiles leaving them smooth. Also, the grinding removes the fault of uneven tiles transpired at the time of tile installation.

      Efflorescence Treatment

      Ever noticed salt like formations in tiled areas? These formations are called efflorescence. No matter how hard you try getting rid of these deposits by homely conventional methods, you do not get the desired results. Whereas tile and grout cleaning team of Deluxe tile cleaners in Brisbane use specific equipment for the removal of efflorescence treatment. Also, we use numerous other treatments to rid your floors from efflorescence effectively and safely.

      Why Deluxe Tile Cleaning is considered as the best company for tile and grout cleaning in Brisbane

      Tile Steam Cleaning Brisbane
      Tile Steam Cleaning Brisbane

      Deluxe Tile And Grout Cleaning was established in 10 Years, and since then, we have maintained a reputed position in the tile and grout cleaning industry. Whether you want to clean bathroom, kitchen or other floor areas, we are expert for all.

      We are top-ranked company for tile cleaning in Brisbane. Discover how:

      • Deep cleaning: By getting our tile cleaning services, you will realize the quality of service we deliver to our customers. After completing the cleaning process, our team does a final inspection to ensure there are no dirty areas and stains left on the floor.
      • 100% customer satisfaction: We believe in delivering exceptional services, and give 100% satisfaction guarantee for that. You can read reviews of our existing customers. So, just call us, discuss your tile cleaning needs, and leave the rest on us.
      • Certified cleaners: At Deluxe Tile And Grout Cleaning, we have professional, licensed cleaners who have comprehensive knowledge of the latest techniques for tile and grout cleaning. They carefully inspect the floor areas that need cleaning and use environment-friendly agents to get the job done efficiently.
      • Reasonable/quick service: We value the time and money of our customers and always ensure they get the best. Our services are reasonable plus we do the tile cleaning work quickly, thus saving your precious time.



      Get a free quote

      We work all seven days a week, thus are available to clean your tiled floors whenever you need it.

      Call us today 1300 331 708, and schedule tile and grout cleaning services in  Brisbane.

      Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia

      "Magnificient Job"

      I got fantastic service. They did a magnificent job at the cheapest cost which everyone can afford easily.
      - Denaye

      Floor Renovations with No Mess

      I didn’t know floor removal could be a mess-free affair but these guys from Deluxe Tile Cleaning proved so. They removed my entire tiled floor without us being involved in anything. And thankfully we have got our bathroom renovated in a pleasant way. – Taylor
      - Taylor

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