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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are made for clients to understand the agreement of business. Deluxe Tile Cleaning would recommend our customers that please read the following terms and conditions carefully to avoid any confusions in future. We also recommend our customers to keep checking the term and condition regularly and stay updated with the new amendments made in the terms conditions by Deluxe Tile Cleaning. Continuing with websites and using services shall be considered as the acceptance of our terms and conditions.


The customer is allowed to make any changes and even cancel the booking service before the one day of commencement appointment service. There will be no cancellation charges and you can make cancellation or alteration but before one day of scheduled booking appointment.  Remember this condition is only valid when you have informed us before one day of the service, in case you have failed to bring this information to our notice. The condition is void, and we have the right to take the matter into our hands.

Moving further in the situation, when a customer is failed to cancel the booking before the due date of booking, we hold the right to demand a fine of $95. Which is subjected to pay by the customer to Deluxe Tile Cleaning. However, there are no charges for making changes in the booking, any changes can be made anytime, additional fees may be applicable. The cancellations can be made by calling us on this 0488 847 344, an email is also welcomed, with a reason of cancellation, booking number, address of the customer and date of booking appointment.

An extra fee is applicable for an appointment made after 6:00 Pm evening and early morning. Charges may also increase if the appointment is scheduled on public holidays or weekends.


The details for booking is clearly mentioned on the website, bookings can be made via phone or email. We’re available 24/7 for bookings and cancellations.

At the time of booking, the customer is needed to provide the credit card details to proceed with the booking and confirm the payment to Deluxe Tile Cleaning.

The customer is required to provide prior information about any potential risks on the working premises. Risks like slippery surface, any hazardous activity ongoing, ingrained dirt and grime inside the surface and other similar risks. These risks are needed to brief the workers, so they go prepared.

Quotations and Pricing.

All the prices are quoted for each service which is owned by Deluxe Tile Cleaning, these prices can be changed anytime, the customer is advised to check the latest price quotation to stay up to date.