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Reasons My White Grout has Turned Brown

The tiling of a house is an integral part of the home décor and interior design in the modern era. Millennial often opt for tiling in the washroom and the kitchen with several beautiful and elegant tiles. The tiling not only increases the beauty of the house but also protects the water-prone areas to leak or seepage of water through them. They are held onto each other with the help of a mixture, called grout. This grout keeps them stuck to the walls and floor for a long time. Tiling also needs regular tile and grout cleaning though, for as to keep the dirt and dust out. 

These grouts and tiles although sometimes turn brown and light-greyish over a due course of time. It is almost inevitable and happens to every tiling gradually. It not only discolors the tiling but also decreases the beauty of the home. The vibrancy of the grouts which shone earlier, they become dull post-browning. This upsets the households and sometimes they even opt for full-scale grout removal instead of fixing it, which can cause a great amount of money. 

What is The Browning of Grouts?

  • The grout area of the tiling is quite porous as compared to the tiles and other concrete plasters and fixations. This not only has advantages but certain disadvantages as well. One of the major ones being the accumulation of dirt and gravel in between them, but it can be solved by professional tile cleaning is better way to clean your tile safely.
  • This accumulation leads to discoloration of the grouts and the tiles’ corners, making them look dull and gradually lose their beauty unless changed or restored. Apart from that, sometimes the mineral content in the water used for tile and grout cleaning also leads to discoloration of grouts. 

Why Does The Browning Happen?

  • There can be many reasons behind the discoloration of grouts. They can be unintentional, or a by-product of a grout sealing or outdoor tile cleaning process, leading to browning of grouts. 
  • The inattentive nature of people while the grout sealing process or tile and grout cleaning process going on can lead to several problems. The discoloration or browning can also be caused by it. Regular cleaning leads to the weak porous capacity of grouts, and frequent deep washes can sometimes force the dirt and dust to penetrate deeper and accumulate. This leads to the discoloration or browning of the grouts. 
  • Sometimes, the grout which is in the contact of hot water tends to attract molds, fungi, and algae. They not only do discolor the grout but also make the washroom and kitchen unhygienic and dangerous. 

How to Prevent Browning of Grouts?

  • Certain measures can be taken to ensure the dampening and discoloration of the grouts are kept at bay. It includes-
  • Restricted use of damp and hot water.
  • Discontinuation of regular tile and grout cleaning in Sydney.
  • The application of waterproof putty and covers over the grouts also helps a lot.
Deluxe Tile Cleaning
Deluxe Tile Cleaning

Not every measure taken ensures that the dampening and discoloration of grouts won’t happen for sure. So in those severe cases, people are suggested to consult professionals and experts. Tile and grout cleaning expert “Deluxe Tile Cleaning” not only handles all the cleaning process but also gives you the correct insight on whether you should opt for cleaning and what type. This helps in not only saving money and time but also extends their life as well.

Max is an owner and expert at Deluxe Tile Cleaning. He has years of experience in this industry. He is a very progressive man and that is why his ideas and actions for this service have been incredible and helpful for all.