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Real Tested Methods to Clean Bathroom Tiles

The internet hosts a lot of content that posits solutions to cleaning the tile and achieving desired results. However, most of those reports are void of tested results and risky or a complete waste of time and resources to try them out. But that is not the case with a reputable blog that has a reputation like ours. That is the reason we take the pains to provide real tested solutions to home improvement contents on our blog, even when reporting on tile cleaning solutions.

In this article we shall take you through a time tested method of cleaning the bathroom tiles using available home items. 

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  1. Cleaning with vinegar 
  2. Cleaning with lemon juice 
  3. Steam cleaning 
  4. Cleaning with baking soda paste 
  5. Bathroom cleaning habits 

Bathroom tile and grout cleaning in Hobart is essential in a thorough house cleaning routine, as its tiles can be cleaned using the following methods: 

  • Cleaning With Vinegar –

    The bathroom tiles are cleaned with vinegar by preparing a mixture of vinegar and water, in equal proportions of each. Then spray the tiles, and then wipe with a dry towel. 
  • Cleaning With Lemon Juice –

    Lemon juice is an acidic item and therefore effective in cleaning. As a solution for cleaning the tiles, lemon juice can be used to get rid of dirt and stains on the tiles, by spraying the tiles with them, and then wiping with a wet towel that is soaked with warm water, which is used to get it dried upon completion.
  • Steam Cleaning –

    There are special steam cleaners to clean bathroom tiles, whether it is wall tiles, or flat floors, by following the existing instructions and instructions for use.
  • Cleaning Using Baking Soda Paste –

    Regular tile and grout cleaning is essential for the bathroom tiles – take care to clean the bathroom plaster between the tiles, especially if it is white in color, by cleaning it using a baking soda paste, or using a diluted bleach with water, and if dirt remains, it can be cleaned using its own commercial detergent. 

Cleaning With Baking Soda

Baking soda can be sprayed onto stubborn dirt stuck to the tiles, then wiped and cleaned with a sponge moistened with lemon juice for best results. 

Cleaning With Baking Soda
Cleaning With Baking Soda

Bathroom Cleaning Habits 

The bathroom is a place for microbes to collect and it is important to clean other bathroom accessories to complement the grouted or cleaned tile.  So it must be cleaned continuously and permanently, by following a few guidelines that can be summarized as follows: 

  • Cleaning the shower:

    It is cleaned by placing an appropriate amount of vinegar in a plastic bag, and hanging it on the shower, until the nozzle is completely immersed, then left for an overnight period, after which the water faucet is opened and dirt removed.
  • Curtain cleaning:

    They are washed, along with the bathroom towels, using regular detergents.
  • Bathroom Basin Cleaning:

    It can be cleaned by pouring a bunch of baking soda, leaving it for minutes, then rubbing it using the designated brush. 
  • Sink cleaning:

    Is also cleaned by pouring vinegar, or baking soda with hot water, which removes the dirt.
  • Shower door:

    It can be cleaned from water residue and calcifications, spraying vinegar and baking soda, then leave it for minutes, then wipe with a clean cloth. 


Though it’s important to clean other bathroom accessories, cleaning and grouting the bathroom tiles is most necessary because of its centrality among the bathroom trappings. It has been established by a professional tile and grout cleaning company, Deluxe Tile Cleaning that the true companion you need to keep your tiles and grouts clean and healthy is  the necessity of inculcating the habit of regularly cleaning and grouting the bathroom tiles for beauty appeals.

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