Concrete Sealing
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Learn About the Types of Concrete Sealing to Be Used for your House Interior

If you are confused regarding which Concrete Sealing products you should opt for your interior floor then don’t worry we are here for you. The house interior is important because it reflects our identity. Most of the people always choose the water based sealer over the solvent based sealer.

It is because the following difference in between the two such as:

Water-Based Sealers

Concrete Sealing
Concrete Sealing
  • Not very shiny
  • Lower VOC’s and scents
  • Lower quality renditions may not keep going as long

Solvent Based Sealers

  • the colour enhancing sheen available in them
  • Higher VOC’s and smells
  • Have more prominent life span than water based sealers

Well you must be thinking of that if the solvent based sealer are more durable than why we should use the water based sealers inside our place.

Well the answer is the higher rate of VOC’s available in the sealer is not good for our health thus for the interiors it is better to use the water based sealers as it has less VOC’s component

Why to Stay Away from VOCs Indoors

VOCs are solvents that are discharged into the air as sealants, synthetic substances, or paints dry. VOCs ought to be stayed away as they can cause:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of coordination
  • Liver and kidney harm
  • Sensory system harm
Concrete Sealing Services
Concrete Sealing Services

Thus if you are using the items with VOCs inside, you should constantly open up your windows as it will helps in appropriate air circulation at your place. Or it is advised to cover your mouth and nose with a respirator intended to work with natural vapours to reduce the chances of inhaling the air of such sealers. And also less your children and pets away also.
Here we are going to discuss the various types of sealers which may offers specific shine to your home décor.

Best Water-Concrete Sealing Options for Your Interiors

Sikagard High Gloss Sealer

Sikagard High Gloss Sealer is water-based with a gentle latex-type smell and low VOC content. Easy to use and prepare material. This sealer needs no mixing also. The Sikagard High Gloss Sealer seems ‘smooth’ when wet – for deceivability of utilization and inclusion. It additionally makes a polished sheen that is impervious to gentle corrosives and destructive substances, and it helps to reduce the staining and dusting also.

Decra-Seal Water-Based Sealer

DECRA-SEAL W/B is a non-yellowing, restrictive mix of polymers, high solids, and fluid sealer for enlivening cement. The item is clear, straightforward, and simple to apply. DECRA-SEAL W/B additionally offers significantly enhanced synthetic obstruction when contrasted with standard restoring and sealing compounds. The item has been detailed to seal and ensure brightening hued concrete by delivering a hard clear film.

Some Additional Options

Decorative Concrete Sealers options

  • Vocomp-20
  • Sikagard Natural Look Sealer

Acrylic Sealers (Solvent Based) Sealer Options

  • AR Acrylic Sealer
  • AR High Gloss Acrylic Sealer
  • AR Premium Acrylic Sealer
  • Hiac Acrylic Concrete Sealer Voc
Professional Concrete Sealer
Professional Concrete Sealer

Penetrating Sealer Options to Choose From

  • Pentreat 244-100
  • MasterProtect H 1000
  • Sikagard SN-100

Thus for expert assistance and best Concrete Sealing options for your interiors. Contact the professionals of Deluxe Tile Cleaning today to get the best reasonable rates for completing your job.

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