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How to Turn Your Old Tiles into New Tiles

Humanity is surrounded by chemical, pesticides and radio waves, these enhancements are helping humanity on one hand and harming it on the other. The cleaning agents you’re using contain toxic chemicals and ingredients which are coming at the cost of our precious natural resources. The fumes which come out while manufacturing these cleaning agents elevate greenhouse gases which is resulting in rapid climate change effects on our planet.

By following natural means, you’re not only saving money but also contributing to the environment. In this blog, we will tell you about how you can clean your kitchen tiles and grout using easily available supplies at your home.

Best Professional Out There For Complete Tile Cleaning

Deluxe Tile Cleaning We are known for our quality tile cleaning services, we ensure the best in class tile and grout cleaning service. By booking our tile and grout cleaning service you can make your tiles look new. So, why are you wasting your precious time more by searching for any other professional tile cleaner?

Best Tile Cleaning Service
Best Tile Cleaning Service

How We Roll It

Kitchen tiles and grouts are exposed to oil, water, dust and food items. You may have also noticed that kitchen tiles get dirtier more quickly than tiles in the washroom. Moreover, if the tile and grout are not cleaned, the oil will combine with dust and spills and become greasy. Then, cleaning the tile and grout will become even more challenging. However, with the help of natural ingredients, you can get rid of all the stains and dirt and make your tile look new.

Our Eco-Friendly Tile Cleaning Service

Eco-friendly tile cleaning service is to regain your confidence in your tiles. We all are tired of cleaning tiles using costly toxic chemicals. But at Deluxe Tile Cleaning we use quality eco-friendly solvents for tile cleaning. These solvents don’t leave any fumes in the atmosphere nor they contribute to greenhouse gases.

Quality Tile & Grout Cleaning at Affordable Price

Tile and grout cleaning is not like just any other type of cleaning. Tiles have a ceramic coating on their surface whereas grout is a porous sealant which has been turned hard. The ceramic coating on the tiles over time degrades and loses its shine and becomes rough and grout is turned black. Cleaning tile and grout need precision and accessibility of tools and supplies. A natural cleanser with a balanced PH is used in the process of tile and grout cleaning in Brisbane. This cleanser efficiently removes algae, mould, dust, dirt and hard water stains from the tiles. It also cleans the dirt stuck in the grout. 

Tile Rejuvenation and Polishing

Turning your old tiles into the new tiles is not an easy task, at Deluxe Tile Cleaning to do this we apply a special polish which rejuvenates the tile and brings back its original shine. The polish contains enzymes which preserve the tile for a long time and also prevent any further damage to occur in future.

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