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How to Treat Stains on Natural Stone Tiles?

Among all kinds of tiles, natural stone tiles are considered one of the best. Natural stones are known for their elegance and luxury. Natural stone tiles as the name suggests are manufactured from natural minerals for the earth. Natural stone tiles are one of the most common choices amongst the people for their floorings and bathroom fornication. Some of the common choices of natural tiles are slate, graphite, granite, marble, travertine and sandstone.
Almost all kinds of natural tiles require routine cleaning and maintenance. Has they are derived from natural minerals, they can easily get damaged or deteriorated. People are advised to follow the routine cleaning of natural stone tiles and also get rid of stains asap. Stains can permanently damage andy natural stone and lead to deterioration. Some of the acidic content in staining fluids can leave etch marks on natural stones and can be very corrosive as well. We advise you to hire tile and grout cleaning services for stone tile cleaning and stone tile stain removal. You can also follow this simple DIY to treat stains on a natural stone tile. Keep in mind that this DIY is for simple non-chemical stains only. Contact professional tile cleaning service in case of stubborn or chemical stains on natural stone tile.

Natural Stone Tile Cleaning

DIY for Stone Tile Stain Removal

  • First, you need to absorb all the staining fluid present on the stone tile surface. Use an absorbent cloth to absorb all the fluid and remove debris as well.
  • For simple stains, you can use ph neutral and water solution. Just rinse a cloth in soap solution and use it to rub and scrub the stained surface repeatedly. Keep rubbing till the stain slowly fades away.
  • For oil or food stains you can use acetone for excellent stain removal results. All you need to do is rinse a cotton cloth in acetone.
  • Scrub the food-stained surface on stone tiles with acetone rinsed cloth. Let the acetone dissolve all the oils and grease from the stain and rub the entire stone tile surface with this cloth repeatedly.
  • Do not use an excess of acetone or it will also decolourise the natural stone tile. Repeat the scrubbing through acetone rinsed cloth till the stain slowly fades away.
  • For stubborn and persistent stain on stone tiles you will need poultice. Start by preparing poultice on your own.
  • All you need to do is prepare a paste out of acetone, baking soda powder and any talcum powder or chalk powder.
  • Apply this poultice paste on the stained part of stone tiles. Make sure you cover the entire stained surface with this paste and ensure that the past is spread evenly and extensively. For stubborn or old stains you need to apply this paste in a good quantity by adding layer by layer of the poultice paste.
  • After applying the poultice paste on the stained patch of stone tile you need to cover it with any plastic sheet or polyethene sheet. Let the past rest on the stone tile for some hours depending upon the intensity and severity of the stain.
  • Now you need to remove the plastic sheet form the poultice paste applied on the tiles and rub the entire surface with a brush. You need to remove all the dried debris of poultice paste and dirt left around the stone tile.
  • Clean the stained stone tile surface with a cloth rinsed in detergent water solution. You will see that stain has completely vanished bringing out the natural colour and texture of the stone tile.
  • Mop the entire floor with regular tile cleaner of ph neutral soap and water solution. Repeat the above-mentioned process for any kind of stubborn or persistent stain on any stone tile flooring.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Professional Assistance

Natural stone tiles can get easily damaged by stones, cleaners or any other abrasive or acidic exposure. It is highly suggested that you hire professional tile cleaners for routine stone tile cleaning and stain removal purposes. Professional tile cleaners have a vast knowledge of all kinds of natural stones and their required cleaning process. Our company can provide you with all kinds of natural stone tile cleaning services round the clock. We have a certified, experienced and trained staff of Professional Tile Cleaners in Hobart. We can deliver deep and effective cleaning of all kinds of tiles in no time. Hire our professional tile cleaning service at low and reasonable costs today and get your stone tiles professionally cleaned by experts today.