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How to Revive White Tile Grout in The Bathroom

Tile cleaning is easy but when the matter of bathroom tile and grout cleaning, it can be quite difficult because the bathroom is a place with running water. Fortunately, we are here and can help you by providing bathroom tile and grout cleaning services. For the homeowner who wants to clean their bathroom tiles and grout by yourself, read carefully and know how to revive white tile grout in the bathroom.
Tile and Grout-Cleaning

Three Easy Ways to Clean Tile Grout

  • Apply Warm Water and an Old Toothbrush –

    If you want to revive your grout, simply use warm water and a stiff brush. It is the simplest solution to remove dust from the pores of the grout. You can use this method to remove light dust or dirt. But if you want to remove stubborn stains from the grout, you have to add some effective cleanser into warm water.

    1. Fill a spray bottle with warm water and moisturize the grout area by spraying on it
    2. Use your stiff brush to scrub the dirt grout area in a circular motion. Brushing will eliminate the dust from your tile grout.
    3. Now, you can use a clean cloth to wash the area. And vacuuming is also the best option for grout cleaning.
  • Apply a Master Tool Like a Fuginator –

    If the previous method is not working, you should apply a master tool like a Fuginator. This will definitely work and remove the dust from your tile grout. Fuginator works by removing away the top layer of grout. This is also the best tools for tile and grout mould removal. You can easily get rid of dust, mould and other contamination which could be found in the grout between tiles. But after using Fuginator, use grout protector to protect the grout from further dirt, oil and water.

  • Use a Store-Bought Grout Filler –

    You can easily buy grout filler from the nearest market. There are too many products by which can fill grout again with an easy and simple method. If you didn’t find any kind of grout filler product in the market, you can lease our expert for re-grouting services. Or you can also fill your grout easily with our simple guidelines.

    1. First, use warm water moisture the area as you did previously. Then, apply the scrubbing method to remove the upper layer of the grout.
    2. Use a towel or cloth for rubbing and leave grout for a while so that your grout can be dried completely.
    3. When you see that the grout is dry, apply new grout paste by using sufficient tool. For more information, you can call our professionals. They are able to revive your tile grout with professional regrouting services.
    4. Allow the new grout to dry up thoroughly.

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