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How to Remove Stains from your Tiles and Grout?

Tiles and grout cleaning is very important when it comes to keeping your house clean. Grout and tiles may go through several distinct types of stains at home. Particularly in the case that you have kids in your house. The majority of the stains are simple to remove. The tiles nowadays are generally stain-resistant. But some spots like a blot of nail polish, ink, and grease are durable and may stay on your tiles. There are many solutions available to remove these stains out of your tiles and grout. 

Choose The Best Solution for your Tile Following Make Certain That It Does Not Have Any Side Effects:

Tile Stain Removal Tips

Before knowing the solution for stain removal from tiles it is important to keep in mind some tips. This will prevent you from making any mistake while staining removal. The first thing is that you must know the material of your tile very well. This is because every different tile material has different properties. You can not clean them using the same solutions. For example, ceramic tiles are good with almost all common tile cleaning solutions. But the tiles made from natural materials like marble tiles are sensitive. 

They may get damaged when you clean them with common cleaners. Use special cleaners which are available for them only. Also, never use acidic solutions on these types of tiles. Check that your brush is not too hard for tile and grout cleaning in Brisbane. They can bring scratches on the tile. Yet, you can use muriatic acid for cleaning stains from ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Why is Removing Stains from Tile and Grout Important?

  • Extend The Lifespan of Tiles:

    Removing the stains from tile will help the tile from any harm. It will help to prevent wear and tear and this will extend the life of the tile.
  • Make your House Look Beautiful:

    If the tiles of your house are in good condition then they will look new. A maintained and cleaned tile is the main element of a beautiful house.
  • Safe for your Health:

    Removing stains will kill bacteria or germs which may come due to the stain. The smell of the stain is also very harmful and prone to mosquitoes which may lead to many harmful diseases.∙

Solution for Removal of Tile and Grout Stains:

  1. Borax and Water Mixture: –

    Take 400g of borax and mix it in 59 ml of water. Take a scrubber and dip it in the solution. Rub the stain with the scrub until the stain is not removed.
  2. Using Bleach: –

    Use dilute bleach in cold water to remove stains like juice, and ink. Pour 1 cup of bleach in one bucket of water and mop the stain with a damp cloth. If the stain is still not going then pour another cup. But stay careful while using bleach.
Tiles And Grout Cleaning Services
Tiles And Grout Cleaning Services

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