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How to Remove Old Stains from Wall and Floor Tiles

Tiles are usually stain-resistant, but some liquid things can leave a permanent mark on your tile flooring. Well, we have some effective ways to clear out the hard stains such as blood, gum, grease, ink, and nail polish. But remember that before applying any cleaning solvent, try it on an inconspicuous area of your tile. If you found that solution can fade the tile colour and damaging for your tile. Do not use it and hire professional cleaners for tile stain removal services.

Remove Old Stains from Floor Tile

Six Easy Ways to Clear Out The Tile Stains

  • Clean Stain With Hydrogen Peroxide:

    As we know, hydrogen peroxide is a great cleaning compound and would be really effective to stains. It is usually a bleach-like chemical. If your stains are tough, you can clean it by applying hydrogen peroxide. First, use a small rag and dip it into hydrogen peroxide and allow it to sit on tiles and after sometimes, scrub ti gently. If your ceramic or finished tiles have tea stain, coffee stain, bloodstain, nail polish, you can use it effectively. For removing the hard stains. you can also consult with professional tile cleaners.
  • Use Bleach for Deep-Set or Organic Stains:

    For tile stain removal, use bleach for cleaning the stains like juice stain, bloodstain, ink stains. First, dilute bleach into cold water and use white dipped cloth for scrubbing the stains. If your tile stain is old, use more quantity of bleach to remove the stains. Do carefully because extra bleach can be bad for another thing and keep away your children while cleaning the stains.
  • Use Scouring Powder for Removing The Stain:

    First, wet the stain gently to moisture the stain, then sprinkle scouring powder to cover the stain and leave it for a few hours. You can also make a paste with scouring powder and water for removing the tile stain. Then, after sometimes wipe the scouring powder by using a wet rag.
  • Use Borax and Water:

    You can also use borax by mixing it into pure water. It is a famous element for cleaning clothes, as well as for tiles stains. First, mix 1 cup of Borax with 1⁄4 cup of pure water and then dip the sponge into the solution. Now, scrub the stained area of tile carefully. You can use it for removing the hard stain like greasy stains.
  • Use Flavourless, Sugar-Free Club Soda to Remove Wall or Tile Stains:

    Let soda to pour on the stain and then, leave it for absorbing sugary or fatty stains. Just, you have to spray the club soda and after 20 or 30 minutes wash it. It is very effective for porcelain tile stain removal.
  • Apply White Vinegar to Clear Out The Stains:

    Vinegar is also an effective way to clear out the stains from tiles flooring. Tile stain cleaners also use vinegar for removing hard stains. By using vinegar, you can easily clean household ceramics such as bathtubs, toilets, and sinks.

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