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How To Prevent Your Tiled Up Tabletops From Looking Dull

Style and functionality are the most important factors which are considered while designing a house. While usefulness is equally important, style and appearance are gaining prominence in modern era. Stones and tiles are the most preferable options when it comes to decorating the home. Moreover, they not only find use on floors and roofs but a variety of other things as well such as tabletops. Most of the people think that stones do not require any maintenance. This however is not true. While there are DIY methods, using the wrong products can result in dull surfaces. The only solution to regain the look of your stones is to go for stone countertop sealing services.  Here are a few facts related to different stones and ways to take care of them efficiently:-

Knowing the type of stone used

Identifying the type of natural stone used and its characteristics will help you take the best course of action. Moreover there is a lot of variety available such as quartzite, slate, sandstone, granite etc. A siliceous stone countertop is usually easy to clean and is highly durable. While some stones can tolerate mild acidic cleaners, there are others which cannot.  It is best to consult professionals when you are unsure about which cleaning solution to use.

Marble Tile a Table Top Cleaning
Marble Tile a Table Top Cleaning

Stones such as onyx, limestone, marble etc. are made up of calcium carbonate and hence are sensitive to acidic products. Most of the homeowners prefer marble, limestone and granite for their countertops because of them being durable and versatile. Here is how you can find out which type of stone you have and take care of it accordingly :-

  • Marble :-

Marble is a solid metamorphic rock which has a tight structure and small pores. It come in a variety of colors and is usually sturdy and strong. Moreover, it is not so porous. While the stone is quite durable, it still requires special care in the long run. Since it is highly susceptible to acidic substances, it can fade easily when in contact with acidic solutions. Be especially careful about citrus fruit juice and wine. While etching is most common; one can also find other signs of deterioration such as stains, chips, cracks or peel. Always keep a check and search for a professional in case you find any of these signs.

  • Granite

Granite Tile a Table Top Cleaning
Granite Tile a Table Top Cleaning

Granite is the perfect combination of beauty and durability. Although this elegant natural stone is resistant to acidic solutions, it might show other types of damage such as efflorescence. Frequent exposure to hard water along with wrong cleaning methods is the main causes of efflorescence. There can also be chipping, peeling, staining, flaking and scratching. Hence, it is important to keep a check on chalky areas and make sure that you use cleaning solutions which are compatible with granite tabletops.

  • Limestone:-

Limestone is beautiful sedimentary rocks which can make any kitchen appear elegant. It is a siliceous stone and people often confuse it with marble. Moreover, it has a high porosity. Since, it is not same as marble, applying the same cleaning solutions can be a mistake. Always take professional help before deciding upon the type of cleaning solution.

Here are some of the measures you can follow to protect your tiled up counter tops:-

  • Keeping it dry :-

Tile Counter Tops Cleaning
Tile Counter Tops Cleaning

Every stone has some amount of porosity. Hence, keeping them dry is essential. Water can easily seep into them and them. This can cause problems later on. Make a habit of using coasters especially for glasses containing wine, citrus fruit juices, vinegar etc. these substances can also leave a mark on your beautiful stone.

  • Keeping it cold :-

Stone countertops are usually cold than the rest of the area. Hence, if you keep very hot dishes over it, it may lead to cracks due to sudden temperature changes. Always use mats for hot dishes and pans.

  • Keeping it smooth :-

Be extra careful while cutting vegetables. Always use cutting boards to prevent damage to your tiled up countertops. Chopping vegetables directly can form scratches and make your stoned surface appear dull.

  • Keeping it sealed :-

A good quality sealant has a lot of benefits. It not only prevents deterioration but also prevents germ formation on your tiled up countertops. The best way to know when it’s time to reapply the sealant is to put a few drops on the stone. If the liquid does not get absorbed completely then there is no need to reapply the sealant. If all of the liquid gets absorbed however, it’s time to apply a new layer of sealant.  Various types of sealants are available in the market. Choose the one which best suits your requirement.

Marble Countertops Cleaning
Marble Countertops Cleaning

 Professional Tile Cleaning Services:-

The best way however, is to seek professional help when it comes to tile cleaning. Professionals have the right knowledge, skills and equipment to give your tiles a new like finish. If you are searching for a reliable source, then Deluxe Tile Cleaning is the one for you. We have a professional staff with years of experience and expertise. Moreover, we deliver the best quality services to our clients. Not just countertops but we are experts at handling all types of tiles, be it floor tiles or wall tiles.


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