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How To Get Rid Of Mould From Tile & Grout?

Tile and grout cleaning is necessary because mold infestation has become a common issue in every house. Most of the tiles and grout are always infested with heavy mold and if you ignore it can become worse and leave a permanent stain on your lovely floor. If you noticed because of the presence of water and moisture in the air, the tiles of the kitchen and bathroom get infested fast by mold.

Regular tile and grout cleaning should be done every year to avoid the growth of mold and algae on your tiles. Unhygienic tiles and grout are always stuck with harmful germs and bacterias and to get rid of such problems the best option is to hire a professional tile cleaning service for tile mold removal and grout mold removal. If you noticed any signs of mold on your tiles and grout never ignore the cleaning of it, because by ignoring such cleaning you’ll harm you and your family health and hygienic environment.

Follow The Given Below Tips To Get Rid Of Mould From Tile And Grout;

  • White Vinegar / Baking Soda

1)Simply mix both white vinegar and baking soda into an empty bowl and make a paste of it.
2)Gently now apply this paste on the affected area and leave it for a while to dry off.
3)Simply by using a brush and throwing fresh water on the mold start rubbing and keep rubbing until the black stain of mildew isn’t cleaned completely.
4)Baking soda is also the best option for tile and grout mold removal because it’s antifungal in nature.

  • Clove Oil

1)Clove oil is antifungal in nature and for the safety of yourself and kid, it’s the best agent that can be used as a tile mold removal agent.
2)Simply take an empty spray bottle and put some water into it and few drops of clove oil and shake it well. Simply spray it on the black mildew.
3)Use some detergent and freshwater to clean completely and if you see any sign of stain remain, keep repeating this process until you are not satisfied.
4)For the best results in deodorizing and sanitizing of your tiles and grout, this method is always safe and approved.

  • Tea Tree Oil And Vinegar

1)It’s used for the best result in tile mold removal.
2)Start making a solution of both vinegar and tea tree oil.
3)Gently apply this solution to the areas of the black mold with the help of a brush or a clean cloth.
4)If you noticed that tea tree oil is safe and an effective anti-mold agent 5)which you can apply it for regular tile and grout cleaning and for tile stain removal.

Tiles And Grout Cleaning Service
Tiles And Grout Cleaning Service

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