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How to Clean Your Shower and Tiles?

Does the notion of showering in the dirty bathroom irritate you? Over the passage of time, the accumulation of soap, mildew, mould, dirt, and grime can make the shower tiles dirty. If you are not careful, this debris can lead to stubborn dirt patches that will make the bathroom look even more awful. However, there are several ways that you can clean the shower tiles and grout. Moreover, our tips on “How to Clean Your Shower and Tiles” are easy to adopt and can enhance the aesthetic outlook of the tiles considerably.

Clean Your Shower and Tiles

Tips to clean the shower and tiles

There are numerous tips that you can keep in mind in order to clean the shower and tiles. Most of the products that you will need are cheap and easy to use. Check out the ways listed here so that you can clean the shower tiles and grout with ease.

  • Pre-treating the shower

Firstly, you must pre-treat the shower tiles to get the best cleaning results. For this, you can start a hot bath and run it for at least ten minutes. Make sure that you lock the bathroom in order to trap the heat.

With the hot water, the dirt and debris in the shower tile will become loose. The end result is highly effective, as now scrubbing the tiles and cleaning them is easy.

  • Use vinegar

Vinegar is one of the most efficient cleaning products for dirty shower tiles. Just make a mixture of vinegar and water and pour them into a spray bottle. Keep in mind that the proportion of water and vinegar must be the same.

After that, spray it on the tiles and soak them. Then, let it rest for half an hour. Now, you can opt for a grout brush to get rid of the grime and dirt.

  • Apply baking soda

Does the pungent odour cause puking sensations in the bathroom? Want an easy solution? Opt for baking soda!

Create a baking soda paste by using some water. However, maintain consistency and thickness. Now, rub the paste onto the shower grout and make sure to cover the stubborn stains.

For the best results, apply some vinegar solution over the baking soda paste. This way, you can remove both soap and stain at the same time. After the foaming is no longer present, you can use a brush to get rid of the dirt. Keep in mind that you must use warm water to ensure that there is no lingering soap residue. Then, wipe off the excess water with a dry towel.

  • Opt for oxygen bleach

Are you worried about the deep stains on the shower tiles that never seem to fade? In that case, you can try using oxygen bleach.

For this, purchase oxygen bleach of any brand and add three tablespoons of it in a bucket of 2-gallon warm water. Let it mix for about thirty seconds. After that, wet your towel and then wipe them over the shower tiles and grout lines. Make sure that these areas are soaked.

After 15 minutes, you must wash it off with water. If you still see the stubborn stain, you can use the oxygen bleach to make a paste. Use a toothbrush to apply it to the affected areas. Scrub till you see the stain vanishing. After that, you must rinse the shower tiles and remember to aerate the bathroom.

  • Use hydrogen peroxide

The name might scare you, but in reality, hydrogen peroxide is a lot better than other cleaning products. Moreover, it is eco-friendly and can get rid of mould with ease. Firstly, mix water and hydrogen peroxide in the ratio of 2:1.

Spray the solution over the mould and then let it rest for at least half an hour. However, if you still observe the mould, you can apply hydrogen peroxide again. After that, you must scrub those areas and then make sure that they are dry.

Clean Your Shower and Tile Services
Clean Your Shower and Tile Services

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To sustain the appearance of the shower tiles and grout, you must ensure that they remain clean. If the dirt and grime keep accumulating, you will soon observe the shine of the tiles fading. Fortunately, there are several DIY tips that you can follow. But, for the best results, it is advisable to seek professional assistance. Deluxe Tile Cleaning offers a wide range of tile and grout cleaning services. Our team of cleaning experts has years of expertise and can clean different tile types with ease. Moreover, we use eco-friendly products and the latest tools for excellent services. Furthermore, you can get in touch with us at all times. Just contact us, and we will help you out in cleaning the shower and tiles!

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