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How To Clean Tile Flooring

Every homeowner wish to have a perfect and clean house. A shiny and clean tile looks perfect and improves the interior. Tile floors are durable, you just have to clean them regularly and they will look new for years. The kitchen and bathroom tile floors become unhygienic when they don’t get a proper cleaning. It is important to keep the tiles and grout clean otherwise they will look dull and dirty with passing time.

Local Tile and Grout Cleaning
Local Tile and Grout Cleaning

Steps To Clean The Tile Flooring

Step 1: Sweep Or Vacuum The Tile Floor

Sweeping and vacuum cleaning tile will help to remove dirt and food crumbs. Vacuum regularly in wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom otherwise dirt will sit on wet floors then removing them will be a difficult job. Always vacuum or sweep the floor before cleaning and mopping it. If you have natural stone or marble flooring, use a soft broom instead of using a hard broom or it will scratch the marble.

Step 2: Mopping And Drying The Floor

Mop your floor every day with warm water or add dish soap in water for shiny and clean tile floors. Use clean warm water to rinse the tile floor and remove the soap once you are done washing floors otherwise soap will hold the dirt and then removing dirt will be very hard. Using vinegar and warm water solution is an effective way to remove bacteria, germs, and dirt. Mop the floors with vinegar and warm water solution. Continue mopping, section by section until the entire room gets cleaned. Mop the floor again if it doesn’t look clean, this time use detergent and freshwater for mopping. After completion of mopping, turn on your fan and leave it for drying or you can use a dry mop for speed up.

Step 3: Tile Stain Removal: –

Mopping your tile daily will help you remove dust and dirt marks but when it comes to stain or heavy cleaning it will not work. If you are having a hard time removing stains then make a paste of an equal mixture of warm water and scouring powder. Put some paste on a clean cloth and rub it on the stain spot and then leave it to set it for 6-12 minutes. Scrub the spot using a soft brush and then use warm water to wash that area and remove the remaining paste with a dry cloth.

Tile Stain Removal
Tile Stain Removal

Step 4: Remove Rust: –

We will use kerosene in this process, So wear a set of two rubber gloves in your hand for protection. Dampen a clean cloth in kerosene and rub it on the rust spots. Then use the warm water to wash the area to remove the kerosene and rust, if rust isn’t gone then repeat this process. Try Cleaning the rust with kerosene, it always works.

Step 5: Grout Cleaning: –

Using a pencil eraser can easily clean the small spot of grout stain. Slowly run the number 2 pencil’s eraser over the grout stain until it gets clean. You can use a clean pink or white eraser. A grout tool or sandpaper will be more effective for hard grout stain.

You can also use baking soda for grout stain. Make a paste of baking soda with Water. Put that paste on an old toothbrush and apply it on dirty surface grout then scrub it well. After Scrubbing, wash it with warm water and don’t walk on the wet side.

Try a bleach solution for tougher stains. Use the solution of 75/25 of water and bleach for white grout stain. Use only plain water without bleach if the grout stain is colored. You can also use a grout cleaner instead of a natural product but that’ll be stronger. Use the grout cleaner after reading the instructions. And never forget to wear a set of rubber gloves in your hand for protection. Doing it by yourself will be a little bit risky, so do it carefully or contact the professional tile cleaning services.

Take Professional Help

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