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How to clean swimming pool tiles and grouts?

Swimming pool tile easily gets dirty and affect with mould and algae. These things make the water look dirty and unhygienic. Bacteria and other organism live in the pool and take bath with you. As the swimming pool is very large it requires huge manpower to clean, you should always do the swimming pool tile cleaning before summers. There are several ways for tile and grout cleaning completely and make it look new. In this article, you’ll read, how you can clean the swimming pool and remove mould.

Detergent Wash.

Take some detergent and start washing the tile from a less dirty area, and scrub the tile thoroughly. Slowly switch to the more dirty area and clean it thoroughly too. Use a pumice stone to scrub the tile, it’s safe on pool made from tiles, but do not use it on vinyl or fibreglass floors. Try nylon brush, it’s soft bristle slowly it’ll complete the cleaning. Your purpose should be cleaning the pool thoroughly.

Use a commercial cleaning agent.

Commercial cleaning agent removes the calcium layer, which makes tiles yellow and ugly. Remember, you should check the concentration of cleaner, if the cleaner is too harsh, it may damage the tile. So, before buying any cleaning agents, watch the concentration carefully.

You can rent a pressure washer.

A pressure washer is the safest way to clean the tiles, you don’t need any chemicals in order to clean the pool. Only the pressure washer machine is enough for cleaning.

In case of heavy dirt switch to acid washing.

Acid wash is hazardous, but it’ll clean and sanitize the pool 110%. But before doing, take proper precautions. Protective outfit, gloves and mask are important before cleaning the swimming pool by acid.

Best Tile and Grout Cleaners
Best Tile and Grout Cleaners

Rinse the pool thoroughly.

Whatever way you’re cleaning the pool you should rinse the pool thoroughly and neutralize the chemical in after and remaining of detergent or acid is not good for the pool, it may harm the skin later.

Hire professionals for complete cleaning.

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