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How To Clean A Stone Tile Shower?

Taking care of the stone tiles in the shower always helps in maintaining its original look. It is actually very necessary to maintain the hygiene and good appearance of the bathroom. You can just make use of a soft detergent, a soft cloth, and a soft brush to clean the stone tile of the shower. Avoid using acid to clean the stains, it may cause damage to the stone tiles.

In the case of oil stains, you can make use of ammonia to remove the stains completely. Here are a few methods, through which you can clean the stone tile of the shower.

Regular Cleaning

• Take a soft cloth to clean the stone tiles regularly. If possible, you can clean the stone tiles once in three days to avoid dirt on the tiles.

• Make use of the soft fabric only; do not use hard fabric as it may damage the stone to pit or cloud.

• Try to scrub the grouts with a toothbrush or a small soft brush. Dip the toothbrush in a mild detergent or cleaning solution and then start scrubbing the grouts slowly until the stains go away completely.

• Avoid using grout cleaning solutions that are used to clean the normal stones. Using normal cleaning solutions may cause damage to your stone tile.

• Hard brushes and strong detergents may cause scratches and damage to the stone tile cleaning.

• Make use of stone soap or any of the mild detergent solution to clean the stone tiles.

•  Apply ammonia and water mixed solutions to remove the stains caused because of oil.

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Stain Removal 

• Try to note the places where the stain exists and in what amount and what shape it is.

• Try to clean the stains caused because of oil with the help of ammonia or any of the homemade cleaning solutions such as baking soda or bleaching powder.

• Remove the mildew and algae with a strong detergent or any of the heavy cleaning solutions. Mix ammonia and hydrogen peroxide in equal quantities and then start cleaning the stains with this mixture.

• Rub the tiles with the solution until the stain goes away. This homemade remedy is one of the best and effective ways of cleaning the stone tiles.

• Hydrogen peroxide may sometimes fade the color of the stone tiles, so check in a small portion of the stone tile and then start cleaning the entire portion.

Maintaining The Stone Tiles:

• Try to patch the breakages and damages occurred on the stone tiles as soon as it occurs.

• Do not use acid when you are regularly cleaning the stone tiles.

• Remove the extra wetness and moisture from the stone tiles after you take shower.

• Put a non-slippery mat on the stone tiles on the floor to protect the tiles.

• Clean the mats once in a month at least to avoid dust and mildew.

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Hire The Professional Tile Cleaner

If you don’t want to take any risk cleaning the sower stone tiles on your own then conder hiring professionals stone tile shower cleaning service offered by Deluxe Tile Cleaning. We offer almost all types of services for tile and grout cleaning Melbourne. Our team of experts hold the rich experience and deliver an effective result. 

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