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How Long Does it Take to Clean Grout?

A grout is a filling between the tiles or walls. It is a composite material. Thus it contains water, cement and sand. The purpose of grout is to fill voids. Basically they act like sealing joints. Firstly non sanded grout, then sanded grout, epoxy grout and furan grout. Obviously, the type of cement and sand used affects the process of grouting. Once the grout has set it develops a haze on the surface. This should be cleaned in 3 hours of time.

Clean Grout

How are grouts cleaned?

The process of grouting is simple. The liquid mixture is poured in the gaps. Then it is left to dry. Now comes the important step. Cleaning up of the grout.

Firstly, check for grout spills. Do it early so that the grout doesn’t dry up. Because once the grout is dried up it is impossible to remove it.
Secondly, take a damp sponge. Scrub the floor using the sponge. The white film on the surface is called the haze. We need to get rid of this.

Leave these tiring jobs to us. We will do grout processing professionally for you.

Why should professionals do grout cleaning?

Grouts can become dirty. With time they accumulate discolouration and mould. You can clean the grout on your own too. If you scrub the tiles frequently it will prevent dirt. Use a grout brush. Or you can also use a brush with bristles.

These Are The Reasons Why You Should Leave Grout Cleaning to Professionals

  • Professionalism has an advantage – You clean tiles by mopping or scrubbing. The detergent used might be a problem here. Grouts absorb the detergents. Moreover, this might cause more discolouration. Thus, professionals use cleaners made for grouts. They are non absorbable. Also removed dirt easily.
  • Tiring process – Cleaning of grouts is a tiring process. Constant efforts to make them clean is tedious. Also, if you leave them for a while they might start collecting dirt. The solution to this is professional help. They can get rid of all the dirt and debris. You are in advantage. Also, you don’t have to work tirelessly.
  • Periodic treatment – We provide periodic grout cleaning. Thus, this avoids buildups. Get professional help and make your tiles easier.
    Therefore, grout cleaning will take 60-90 minutes. Sit back and relax while we handle your tiles.

Deluxe Tile Cleaning is an expertise when it comes to quality services for grout and tile cleaning Melbourne. We provide a hassle-free service. The tile floors might be in a very bad condition. But still we know how to manage it. We use the right detergents to clean the buildup and haze. A right way of cleaning will prevent loosening of the tiles. Thus this will prevent water damage.

Let the professionals handle the tiles job. Don’t wait for the tiles and grout to get dirty and damage your peace. Contact us for an easy and durable grout cleaning service.

Max is an owner and expert at Deluxe Tile Cleaning. He has years of experience in this industry. He is a very progressive man and that is why his ideas and actions for this service have been incredible and helpful for all.