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How are Natural Methods Effective in Removing Stains of Ceramic Tiles?

Cleaning ceramic tiles is no fun at all. It is a job that you need to complete within time. Ceramic tiles are popular because of their low maintenance. You can mix a mild cleaning solution with water for cleaning the ceramic tiles. Ceramic Tiles are durable but the cleaning part is a difficult job. Further, if you don’t clean the tiles, it can lead to permanent damage.

Natural methods help in removing even the tough stains. But if you go for the wrong method, then it will lead to corrosion of the tiles. It can destroy the look of the tiles without giving the proper presentation. 

Natural Ways of Cleaning Ceramic Tiles

  • Simple cleaning Using mop & brush

You can clean Ceramic Tiles simply using a mop and brush. You should sweep away the dust and debris forming on the tiles. Further, you should throw rugs on the tiles regularly. When there are rugs, the area remains clean. In the ceramic countertops, you can brush off all the debris.

Sweeping is the surest and best way to clean the tiles. You can disinfect the area if there is a need for it. 

  • Wiping with water with a dry cloth

After the sweeping part is over, take water and a dry cloth. All you need to do is wipe off the excess water and polish the tiles. Ceramic tiles are quite non-porous so the water will be removed easily. Dry the area afterwards. 

Sometimes, you can’t clean the whole area using just water. In that case, you will be needing chemicals. Use only mild chemicals that don’t harm the tiles. Stay away from wax and oil-based cleaners. These don’t go away easily. Also, they attract more dirt than the normal way. 

Using Natural Cleaners

Natural cleaners have a pH balance of 7, perfect for Ceramic Tiles. You should consider them for tiles and grouts. 

  • Elbow grease

For this case, all the scrubbers made of nylon are perfect to remove even the tough stains. If the grout can’t be cleaned even, then rent a steam cleaner for the same. It will bring the stains to the surface of the grouts. Replace the grout wherever possible. It’s best to consult with an expert before moving ahead. 

  • Simple cleaning and disinfecting

Ceramic tiles don’t dull away faster so you can use chemicals time and again. There are registered cleaning agents you can use for the same. Also, simple soap and water can work wonders. Sweep off the tiles once every week for the desired results. When you use cleaning agents, stick to the alkaline levels. Rinse the area well and effectively so that no harsh chemicals are left behind. 


Thick cleaners are so difficult to use and rinse. Any residue left behind can attract dirt to the grouts. Sealant is the one word to prevent any kind of debris. Chemicals must be used occasionally. For the same, you can call the tile and grout cleaning experts.

Max is an owner and expert at Deluxe Tile Cleaning. He has years of experience in this industry. He is a very progressive man and that is why his ideas and actions for this service have been incredible and helpful for all.