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Concrete Sealing

You know you need a new sealant when you start noticing cracks in your building. People usually contact a couple of property maintenance companies who give them an estimated price for their services. Before jumping on to the cheapest bid, you might want to know the reason for such price disparity. Many low-profile companies provide a cheap and quick fix. This may work for a short period of time, but will ultimately turn into a headache. Hire the Deluxe Tile Cleaning concrete sealing to get best services and avoid recurring repairs in the long run.

Concrete Sealing
Concrete Sealing

Reports show that majority of construction jobs spend less than one percent on exterior concrete sealants. Yet, more than sixty percent of water damage problems occur due to low quality concrete sealant used during construction. Effective and functional concrete sealing is both an art and a science. You will end up spending much more to replace a faulty sealant rather than hiring professional sealing service.

Polyurethane-based Concrete Sealing

Polyurethane is a liquid sealant which is designed to seal non-resistant surfaces like concrete. Polyurethane sealant protects and enhances the outside appearance of your concrete.

  • It forms a slim non-stain coat which adds richness and depth to the surface of concrete.
  • They also work as a dust repellent in homes by preventing creation of dust. Polyurethane sealants are easy to maintain if the concrete needs cleaning.
  • As polyurethane forms a layer on the surface of concrete, all you have to do is lightly mop your concrete floor.
  • Polyurethane-based sealants are most suitable for residential houses, commercial and light industrial sites like offices, food processing plants, and showroom floors. It works the best where you need a protective yet decorative coating.

Silicone-based Concrete Sealing

Silicone-based sealant is a type of concrete sealer which penetrates the surface of concrete and covers it from inside. This results in a long lasting build-up of concrete’s durability, hardness and density.

  • Cheap coatings like urethanes, epoxies, and simply sit on the surface. After some time these coatings wear off, lose their lustre or just chip away.
  • The most unique thing about silicone sealants is that they completely become a part of concrete rather than just covering it.
  • Most concrete sealants get worse and lose their hold with time. On the other hand, silicone sealants get better with age.
  • The longer the concrete is subjected to cleaning and foot traffic the better it will look.
  • With the help of professional Deluxe Tile Cleaning concrete sealing services, your concrete floor will soon take on a glassy and marble-like look.
  • Due to their excellent features and characteristics, Deluxe Tile Cleaning recommends silicone sealers for parking structures, heavy factories, distribution centres, warehouses, and any other areas which receives high traffic and is subject to heavy abuse.
  • Deluxe Tile Cleaning silicone-based concrete sealing services uses sealants that are approved by USDA and contain no VOC.
Professional Concrete Sealer
Professional Concrete Sealer

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