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Common Tile And Grout Problems

Keeping tiles squeaky clean is important to maintain their aesthetic appeal as well as to make them last longer. Especially white tiles get dirty and stained easily. They are also susceptible to mold growth. Well, that doesn’t end here! There are many tile and grout problems one can encounter. Here a few of them:


Dirt And Stains

Dirt and stains are the most common problems you will face as a homeowner. Textured tiles will retain dust and dirt particles most of the time. Porous tiles will easily stain. So, it is required to do frequent tile cleaning with a broom, mop, or vacuum. Use a good cleanser or DIY solution to get rid of tile stains. Remember different cleansers are available for different types of tiles. Makes sure to use the one designed for the tile you have at your place.

Noticing White Haze

You might have come across white haze or residue left on the tiles or grouts as soon as they dry. This haze tells that you have been using a wrong cleanser or procedure. Well, this haze can result from sealer haze or efflorescence. Sealer haze is a milky white residue that usually appears on the surface while efflorescence can be noticed as a powder on the grout. If your white haze problem is severe, you should contact a good tile and regrouting specialist.

Discovering Fungus/Mold

Fungus or mold is often discovered on bathroom tiles. They usually occur in the form of black patches or spots and are likely to appear in between tiles or on ceilings. You can also encounter small mushrooms in humid corners. The best way to prevent mold/fungus is by cleaning and drying your bathrooms after every use. If you have already detected those organisms, we recommend you seek professional help. Do not opt for DIY tile cleaning in such a case.

Detecting Uneven Coloring

Inconsistent coloring of grouts occurs due to the use of wrong cleaning methods or products. Using dirty water, mops, or sponges on tiles can also result in uneven coloring. Although using sandpaper can help to treat uneven coloring but this trick doesn’t work most of the time.

Choose A Professional

Tile Cleaning Service

You cannot treat many tile and grout problems on your own. You can use a tile stain removal to remove stains but what if you want that shine back? Similarly, it is difficult to treat white haze and fungus. So, we advise you to call professional tile cleaners.

Deluxe Tile Cleaning offers the finest tile and grout cleaning Perth services that will not only help you get rid of stains, fungus, etc. but will also make your floors and walls sparkle like never before. We also have different cleaning service packages to suit every budget. So, call us immediately to hire the finest and professional tile and grout cleaning service.

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