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Tile and Grout Cleaning Services
By - Max

How to Clean Tiles and Grout for Stain Removal?

Tiles are shiny decorative objects used everywhere. There shine may hamper due to stains. The surface of tiles can easily attract dirt and mud. Tiles in the bathroom and kitchen are very prone to stains. These stains can be easily go unnoticed and with the course of time, it may become impossible to remove. White edges of grouts can house

Concrete Sealing
By - Max

Learn About the Types of Concrete Sealing to Be Used for your House Interior

If you are confused regarding which Concrete Sealing products you should opt for your interior floor then don’t worry we are here for you. The house interior is important because it reflects our identity. Most of the people always choose the water based sealer over the solvent based sealer. It is because the following difference in between the two such

Tile and Grout Mould Removal
By - Max

3 Methods for Tile and Grout Mould Removal

Mould Infestation is the most common form of fungal infestation that can affect any part of our homes. Mould is a fungus that appears as a black layer over the infected part. Tile and grout too can get infested with black mould. As tile and grout in our bathrooms and kitchen come in contact with water almost regularly. This can

Restore Tile and Grout Cleaning
By - Max

Steps to Restore Your Tiles and Grout Back to New

Tiles are the most common decorative items installed in our homes and offices. Almost every kitchen and bathroom have tiles installed as they have a smooth surface and provide easy flow of water. Maintaining your tiles and grout is easy as all you need is routine Tile cleaning, grout cleaning and get rid of stains if you happen to see

Tile and Grout Stain Removal
By - Max

Steps For Tile and Grout Stain Removal

It ok to suggest that we all have tile and grout placed anywhere in homes and offices. Be it our bathrooms, kitchens or even floorings tile and grout are fairly common modern constructions. Tile and grout require regular maintenance and cleaning in order to take care of the quality and shine. Tile and grout, especially in the bathrooms and kitchens,

By - Max

How To Get Rid Of Moulds From Tile & Grout?

Tile and grout cleaning is necessary for everyone because mould infestation has become a common issue in every house in Australia. Most of the tiles and grout are always infested with heavy mould and if you ignore it can become worse and get a permanent stain on your lovely tiles. If you noticed because of the presence of water and

How to Clean Swimming Pool Tiles and Grouts
By - Max

How to clean swimming pool tiles and grouts?

Swimming pool tile easily gets dirty and affect with mould and algae. These things make the water look dirty and unhygienic. Bacteria and other organism live in the pool and take bath with you. As the swimming pool is very large it requires huge manpower to clean, you should always do the swimming pool tile cleaning before summers. There are

Tiles and Grout Cleaning
By - Max

Different Types of Tiles and Their Cleaning Methods

There are a number of tiles types used in different areas of your home. From floors to walls, tiles are the common and popular choice for homeowners. Hardwood and carpets are rapidly being replaced by the tiled floors these days. Needless to say, clean and well-cared tiles play a big role in maintaining the look of your home, and also