How to clean swimming pool tiles and grouts?

How to Clean Swimming Pool Tiles and Grouts

Swimming pool tile easily gets dirty and affect with mould and algae. These things make the water look dirty and unhygienic. Bacteria and other organism live in the pool and take bath with you. As the swimming pool is very large it requires huge manpower to clean, you should always do the swimming pool tile cleaning before summers. There are

How to clean greasy tiles and grout?

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Greasy tile looks very gross, it becomes a dirt magnet and soon changes its colour. No one wants to keep their tiles greasy and ugly, it becomes one compulsion to keep it that way. To remove grease from tiles, one need to follow proper methods and clean the tiles. It’s not an ordinary work, it’s more like a work which

Different Types of Tiles and Their Cleaning Methods

Tiles and Grout Cleaning

There are a number of tiles types used in different areas of your home. From floors to walls, tiles are the common and popular choice for homeowners. Hardwood and carpets are rapidly being replaced by the tiled floors these days. Needless to say, clean and well-cared tiles play a big role in maintaining the look of your home, and also

The Benefits of Polishing Tiles

Polishing Tiles Cleaning Melbourne

Tiles in our home are designed to look beautiful and shiny. But through time the tiles get faded and lose it’s charm, as a result, your home looks old & tedious. The only way to avoid fading is polishing the tiles once in a while. In this article, we’ll discuss the real benefits of polishing tiles at home. Maintaining the

How to Clean a Stone Tile Shower?

How to Clean a Stone Tile?

Taking care of the stone tiles in the shower will always increase the attraction of the shower. It is actually very necessary to maintain the hygiene and good appearance of the home. You can just make use of a soft detergent, a soft cloth and a soft brush to clean the stone tile of the shower. Avoid using acid to

How To Prevent Your Tiled Up Tabletops From Looking Dull

Cleaning Tile a Table Top

Style and functionality are the most important factors which are considered while designing a house. While usefulness is equally important, style and appearance are gaining prominence in modern era. Stones and tiles are the most preferable options when it comes to decorating the home. Moreover, they not only find use on floors and roofs but a variety of other things

5 Reasons For Hiring Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Nevertheless, a tile floor provides a fancy and an elegant look to your house. However, with the passage of time, tiles start losing their shine, texture and luster owing to the regular wear and tear they are subjected to. So what is the solution here? Obviously, you cannot replace your tiles every time there are some cracks or spots. The

A Guide to Tile Sealing

Tile Sealing Services Melbourne

Nowadays, tiles have become an essential component in home décor for enhancing its beauty and giving your home a modern and stylish look. Tiles are available in endless materials with a large number of designs. Need to seal your tiles Simply put, if the tiles are porous, tile sealing is needed. Natural stones like granite, marble, slate etc. are very

5 Materials You Should Never Use To Clean Tiles

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tiles and grouts are a very important part of a house’s decoration and its overall outlook.  And this is perhaps why their cleaning is equally important. Though there are various materials and ways which can be used to clean tiles, however, some materials can be really harmful to them. It affects their shine and luster, thus making them less durable.