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A Guide To Tile Sealing

Nowadays, tiles have become an essential component in home décor for enhancing the beauty of your home and giving it a modern and stylish look. Tiles are available in endless materials with a large number of designs. It is necessary to seal the tiles to maintain its original look. Below is the proper guide for tile sealing.

Tile Sealing Services Melbourne
Tile Sealing Services Melbourne

Tiles Which Need To Be Sealed

Simply put, if the tiles are porous, tile sealing is needed. Natural stones like granite, marble, slate, etc are very porous and need to be sealed. Whereas porcelain and ceramic tiles are not porous in nature and do not require sealing.

To check if the tile is porous or not, apply a wet sponge on the tile. If it leaves a dark mark, this indicates that the tile is porous and requires sealing.

Why Tile Sealing?

Porous tiles have a tendency of absorbing the spills and staining the tiles very easily. Therefore, to maintain the tiles and to protect them from staining, tile sealing is a must. Additionally, these tiles tend to be dusty. The sealing of tiles will not only protect the surface but will improve the longevity and appearance of the tiles.

How To Seal The Tiles?

Generally, sealing is done before grouting. If grouting is done first, it will go into the tiles and affect the finish, which is very difficult to remove and clean.

Water-based sealer is applied on the surface of the tiles with a brush, starting from one corner of a tile. Make sure that the sealant is spread evenly on each tile. The sealant should be used very quickly otherwise it may start drying. Leave the sealant applied for 24 hours before grouting or using the tiles. If you want a high level of finish, another coat of sealant can also be applied after grouting. When the sealant is applied after grouting just avoid sealing the grout.

How To Finish The Edge Tiles?

Proper finishing of the edges for a smooth surface is very important. All tile sealing is a waste if the surface is rough. Basically, there are two ways to properly finish the edges:

  • Apply a thick layer of caulk and leave to set. This will give the tile a finished and even look. This method can be adopted only if the tiles are relatively finished. This is one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways of finishing the edges of the tiles.

    Granite Tile Sealing
    Granite Tile Sealing
  • Buying a tile trim that matches the tile. A wide range of tile trim with different colors and materials are available. Round edge trim is practical and easy to use under the tiles. Alternatively, you can make your own trimmed tiles with round edges but it is a difficult and tedious method of finishing the tiles.

Which Tile Sealer To Use?

There are water-based sealers and petroleum-based sealers. For natural stones, water-based sealers are used whereas, for ceramic tiles, petroleum-based sealers are used.

Tile sealers are classified into two categories. One is temporary and the other is permanent.

If you do not want to change the look of the tiles, a permanent sealer is recommended as most of the permanent sealers are a matte finish. On the other hand, temporary sealers have the tendency of changing the look of the tiles and give a wet shiny look to the tiles.

Hire Professional Tile Sealing Service

The sealing of tiles is very important for giving a long life to your floor. So, hire a professional tile cleaning company to seal your tiles and give your home or office a modern look.

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