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5 Myths About Porcelain Tiles Cleaning

Porcelain tiles are the tiles that you can use to cover walls and floors. The porcelain is made from dense clay and heated at a high temperature. They have uniformity in construction and are non-porous. You can use them mainly in offices as they have a high weight-bearing capacity. They are heavy and require low maintenance. The porcelain tiles are beautiful, simple, and tough. They do not require much maintenance. You can clean them once a month with vinegar to make them shiny and brand new. So, it is excellent to use in high traffic areas.

Porcelain Tiles Cleaning

The porcelain tiles can handle wear and tear. So, the porcelain tiles are moisture-resistant and easy to clean. Porcelain tile cleaning is an easy process. They can resist heavy wear and tear. If you have no time so don’t worry hire Deluxe Tile Cleaning, a pro tile cleaning services provider.

However, there are Many Myths About Porcelain Tile Cleaning. They are As Follows

1. Acids are safe to use on grout and porcelain:

This is the assumption that strong acids will clean your tiles efficiently and effectively. It shows marvellous results on porcelain tiles due to their high resistivity and durability. However, this is not true. Using strong acids on porcelain tiles will result in erosion of grout and makes the surface rough. So, it is important to use medium acidic solutions or cleansers to clean your porcelain tiles.

2. Using wire-gauge brushes is best to remove grout stains:

The wire-gauge brushes are commonly used to remove grout stains. However, it is not true. It will cause more danger and result in discoloration. The wire-gauge brush removes the layer of grout. It is beneficial to use a soft cleaning brush to clean your porcelain tiles.

3. Moping alone can keep your tiles clean and tidy:

It is the most common myth that only mopping will make your floor clean and tidy. However, only mopping blends the shine of tiles. Mopping does not clean dirt and dust in the joints. So, it is important to clean your porcelain tiles with a good acidic cleaner or detergent to keep them shiny and new.

4. Bleach cleaning does not cause any damage to grouting:

People usually assume that bleach cleaning is not prone to any threat to the porcelain tiles. But bleach cleaning deteriorated the grout. It will also erode the shine and glossiness of tiles.

5. Dish wash and any household cleaning soap clean the stains efficiently:

It is assumed that dishwashers and any household cleaning detergent clean stains efficiently. However, this is not true. The dish wash solution is not acidic. They do not remove stains properly. After cleaning, you can still see the same stain on the tile.


Porcelain tiles are easy to maintain. They are non-porous and have good resistivity.  Porcelain Tiles Cleaning should be done once a month with a good acidic solution or cleansers to maintain its shine and glossiness. Hire a certified tile and grout cleaning company in Adelaide today & get the best results.

Max is an owner and expert at Deluxe Tile Cleaning. He has years of experience in this industry. He is a very progressive man and that is why his ideas and actions for this service have been incredible and helpful for all.