Can you restore dirty grouts?

We at Deluxe Tile Cleaning specialize in every type of tile and grout cleaning related service. Moreover, with years of expertise and experience, we have emerged as a leading company. We believe in quality and 100 % customer satisfaction. Hence, we make sure that all your demands are taken care of. If dirty grouts are your concern, then restoring your grouts is not a difficult job with Deluxe Tile Cleaning by your side. Our experts will give your grouts a makeover you would definitely fall in love with. Give your floor a sparkling finish by availing our expert services now! Give us a call for further queries.

I want to renovate my shower area. Can you provide floor removals too?

Floor removals are one of our specializations. Moreover, we do understand your requirements and follow a procedure which is best for you. No matter what part of your house needs a renovation, our cleaners are expert at all types of floor removal jobs. We have special tools and equipment to enable your renovate your kitchen area, shower area or bathroom with utmost care. With quality services being our motto, we believe in serving you the best. Our dedicated staff is fully committed to making your home tiles and grouts look better. Call now for a free quote and best offers in town!

Do you work through the weekends?

We believe in giving our best and hence, no matter what the day or time is, we are always available to serve our customers. You can give us a call anytime, even on weekends and public holidays. Moreover, we do understand how busy your weekday schedule is and hence offer flexibility in terms of service. We also have same day services available. We do understand how important it is to reach on time. Hence, our experts will be available on time on the day you fix an appointment with us.

Where are your services available?

We serve in the whole of Melbourne. Our experts stay in different suburbs of Melbourne to cater to your needs with ease. No matter whether you stay in southern, northern, eastern or western suburbs, you can give us a call and avail our services from any corner of Melbourne. Our expert staff is certified and talented and is always ready to serve you the best. Get in touch with us for further queries.

How to make the payment? Is there any advance payment?

We, at deluxe tile cleaning believe in making your home, a better place to live at. Hence, we use the latest technology, best equipment and state-of-the-art methods to give your tiles and grouts a new-like finish. Our aim is to simplify the process and gives you satisfactory results. Hence, we offer flexibility in terms of payment. We offer a wide choice and accept all- credit cards, debit cards, cheques, cash and even online transfers. You can pay via any medium that you desire.
Regarding the advance payment, we do not believe in that. Our customers are our first priority and hence we charge them only after finishing our job. We also ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the results.

Are your tile floor cleaners insured?

We are very particular about quality. Hence, our staff consists of those who are experts at their job. All our cleaners are certified and insured. They possess the right skills and talent to do the job in an efficient manner. We also train them frequently to make sure are up-to-date with the latest tools and equipment. Hence, you can completely rely on them.

What is your tile cleaning process?

We carry out an efficient cleaning process which is also cost-effective at the same time. as soon as you fix an appointment, our cleaner will come to your place and inspect about the type of tiles you have, the intensity of damage etc. This helps them know how much work needs to be done and what type of cleaner and method will be best for you. Depending upon your requirements, our experts will apply a non-toxic chemical on your floor and let it stay for about 20 minutes. This helps is loosening any dirt, soil, dust, grime, and spots which your floor might have. They will then turbo rinse to remove all the contaminants from your floor under high-pressure water. Using a special type of brushes, our experts will finally scrub the tiles and remove all the dust particles with ease.

Is there any surety of your workmanship involved in tile cleaning?

We value your hard-earned money. Hence, you can be completely sure that your money is in safe hands while availing our services. We have enough experience and expertise to give you exceptional services. Moreover, we assure you of quality services and our experts won’t leave your house until you are fully satisfied with the results. Give us a chance to impress you with our services and we will make sure that you do not face disappointment. We believe in providing you with services, you feel happy paying for.

What is grout recoloring?

Since grouts are extremely porous, it is common for them to attract dirt, grime, soil and other particles. This can further lead to discoloration and hence make your flooring look dull and shabby. This is where grout recoloring finds its use. It is a process of recoloring the grouts when they get dirty beyond repair. Due to direct exposure to sunlight and high foot traffic, the colors of your tiles and grouts tend to fade away. Getting them recolored thus is the best solution to restore the charm. We at deluxe tile cleaning have an expert staff specializing in grout recoloring. You can avail their help by giving us a call anytime and giving your flooring a beautiful makeover.

What if I am not satisfied with your tile cleaning?

The chances of unsatisfactory results are almost negligible at Deluxe Tile Cleaning. We believe in providing your quality services. Our hardworking staff moreover never hesitates to go an extra mile to give you results which are praiseworthy. Since we are 100% sure of providing you the best services, we guarantee you satisfactory results. Our cleaners moreover, do not leave you place unless and until you are happy with the results. They also do a re-inspection to ensure that your tiles and grouts are in their best form. With 100% customer satisfaction being our main aim, we never let our customers down.

How often should I get my tiles and the grouts cleaned up professionally?

While we cannot give you an exact approximate, twice a year is usually a fair deal. Moreover, it also depends upon a number of other factors such as the amount of dirt, the intensity of damage etc. The frequency of cleaning also depends upon how well you maintain your floor. Daily mopping and dirt removal is also important to delay the professional cleaning requirement.

Why should I choose Deluxe Tile Cleaning?

Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne is one of the leading companies. We don’t have just one but many reasons as to why you must choose us. It is our dedication moreover, which has helped us reach heights. Here are some of the reasons which make us the best company in Melbourne-

  • Reasonable prices
  • Expert cleaners
  • Use of latest tools and equipment
  • Certified staff
  • State-of-the-art methods
  • 24*7 assistance
  • Use of eco- friendly cleaning solutions
  • Exceptional services with quality assurance
  • 100% satisfactory results

If you are looking for a discount, we have regular offers running for your convenience.

How long does it take for the sealer to get dry?

It takes about two hours for sealers to be able to withstand natural foot traffic. Otherwise, it takes about 24 hours for your sealant to become more effective and water resistant.

What kind of sealant does Deluxe Tile Cleaning use?

All the products that we use are natural and non-toxic. When it comes to sealants, we basically use two types- membrane forming sealants and penetrating sealants. When you choose to avail our services, our experts will use any of these sealants depending upon your requirements. We also make sure that the solutions we use don’t harm your skin or environment.

What is your experience in tile cleaning?

Deluxe tile cleaning has been satisfying its customers with exceptional services for more than 20 years now. All our customers are extremely happy with our services. Moreover, we have also won many awards and recognition for being consistent with our performance. Due to our experience and expertise in the field, we have been able to establish our self as a leading tile and grout cleaning company in Melbourne.

How many times in a year I need to clean my floor?

There are a lot of things to consider for deciding the frequency of cleaning. If you have pets at home, the chances of your floor becoming dirty are even high. Same applies to high for traffic too. Cleaning regularly also becomes all the more essential if you have kids at home. Annual professional cleaning with frequent mopping and due care is usually effective.

How often do you recommend cleaning or re-grouting the tiles?

Re-grouting is something you wouldn’t want to do very soon. It’s difficult especially if you are staying in the house. While there are no fixed criteria to determine, there are a number of factors which can impact the need or frequency for re-grouting. This usually involves the number of family members, the frequency of usage, presence of kids or pets, the foot traffic etc. All these things must be considered along with the quality of grouts you have at your home. As a general suggestion, you must daily clean your floor with a natural cleaning solution.

What is the process you follow to clean my tile & grout?

The type of treatment usually depends upon the type of tiles and grouts you have at home. After checking the same, we suggest you a treatment which best suits your floor. Usually, all the dirt, dust and contaminants are agitated using a rotary brush which uses a high pressure and rotating jets to make your floor neat and tidy. All the wax is stripped off and special chemicals and tools are put to use to give you absolutely clean tiles and grouts.