Can you restore dirty grouts?

Yes. Deluxe Tile Cleaning also specializes in grout cleaning too. We have strong eco-friendly cleaning agents that are designed to remove all tough stains from your tiles and grouts. We have been serving the customers of Melbourne for last 10 years and we have the required expertise in the field. You can trust our certified cleaners who will definitely give a pristine and spotless look to your dirty grouts in no time. Just give us a call and see the magic unfold in front of your eyes!

I want to renovate my shower area. Can you provide floor removals too?

Yes we do floor removals too. Deluxe Tile Cleaning has special equipment and manpower to handle all floor removal jobs. Whether you wish to renovate your shower area, kitchen area, or bathroom – our experts at Deluxe Tile Cleaning ensures you get the best of service at the most affordable price. We have an experience of over 10 years and this gives us a cutting edge advantage over other service providers in Melbourne. Call us for a free quote of floor removals and you can renovate your shower area as per your wishes.

Do you work through the weekends?

YES. Our entire team of Deluxe Tile Cleaners is available at your service through the weekends too. We know that it is difficult to find out time on weekdays amidst your busy routine for tile cleaning services. So to make it easy and convenient for our customers, we work on weekends too. All you have to do is call us, talk to our customer executives and let us know what time suits you the best in the week and we will arrange for tile cleaning accordingly. Give us a call for spotlessly clean and pristine tiles!

Where are your services available?

Deluxe Tile Cleaners provides unbeatable tile cleanings services in all suburbs of Melbourne. We have our cleaners staying in different suburbs of Melbourne to be able to serve our customers without any delays. Whether you live in Southern suburbs, Northern suburbs, Eastern suburbs or Western suburbs we will offer you the best of tile cleaning services. We also do same day and emergency tile cleaning services in all suburbs of Melbourne. Just give us a call and we will send our cleaners right away!

How to make the payment? Is there any advance payment?

We at Deluxe Tile Cleaning serve to make our life easier and provide state-of-the-art customer service for tile cleaning in Melbourne. We endeavor to make things easier for you and tile cleaning a hassle-free task. For this reason, you have a choice of various payment options by which you can make the payment. We accept cheques, credit cards, online transfer and even cash. You can choose the method that suits you the best and we will accept it happily.
No. For tile cleaning from Deluxe Tile Cleaning, you do not have to make any advance payments. We do not believe in that. You only have to pay us once we have completed the task up to your satisfaction.

Are your tile floor cleaners insured?

All of our tile floor cleaners at Deluxe Tile Cleaning are absolutely insured and certified for the job they do. You are safe with us and be assured that your home is in secure hands.

What is your tile cleaning process?

Our tile cleaning process involves a few steps to give you a cost-effective solution. First of all, our cleaners we inspect your premises to locate any grout creeping between the tiles. Then our cleaners apply an alkaline based degreasing solution the surface and wait for almost 20 minutes. This loosens up topical residues, contaminants, grease, and oil. The next step is turbo rinse where our cleaners rinse the tiles and grouts with hot pressured water. This step removes all accumulated contaminants and cleaning solutions in one go. Finally, our cleaners thoroughly scrub all tiles to remove grouts and any unremoved dust particles.

Is there any surety of your workmanship involved in tile cleaning?

Yes, with Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne you know that your tiles and money are in safe hands. Our tremendous experience and hands-on training on thousands of households has made us perfect. We are so proud and sure of our workmanship that we promise you utter contentment with our services. Our certified cleaners perform to give guaranteed results only.

What is grout recoloring?

Grout recoloring is a process that you might need if your grouts have become dirty beyond repair. When grouts are exposed to direct sunlight or have to suffer from immense foot traffic, their color fades away. In such a situation, getting them recolored is the best possible solution. We at Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne have equipment to recolor your grouts in which you can either enhance the current color or get it completely changed. Call us now to get most viable and cheap solutions for your fading grouts.

What if I am not satisfied with your tile cleaning?

We at Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne never leave our customers unsatisfied. Providing 100% customer satisfaction is our main goal. All our cleaning services come with guaranteed results so in case you do not feel satisfied just let us know and we will provide a re-cleaning service at your place at no additional cost. Your satisfaction is our responsibility and we never let our customers down!

How often should I get my tiles and the grouts cleaned up professionally?

The tiles and the grouts need professional cleaning once in a year. The frequency also depends on the amount of the dirt and dust around your place or even the kind of maintenance done to the floors.

Why should I choose Fresh Tile Cleaning?

Fresh Tile Cleaning Melbourne is an experienced company with more than 20 years of industry experience. Besides our hard work and dedication to what we do there are numerous other factors that give us cutting-edge advantage over our peers. These include:

  • Affordable prices
  • Certified cleaners
  • Trained professionals
  • Latest tools
  • Eco-friendly solutions
  • World class cleaning techniques
  • 24×7 assistance
  • Same day & emergency services
  • Exceptional service
  • Guaranteed results

And if you are looking for more reasons, then you can grab a discount from us by combining two or more services!

What kind of sealant does Deluxe Tile Cleaning use?

At Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne, we use two kinds of sealants and these are penetrating sealants and membrane forming sealants. When you hire us for your tiles and grouts, our specialist will take into account the kind of flooring you have and will use any of these sealants that would be most fitting for your specific situation.

What is your experience in tile cleaning?

Deluxe Tile Cleaning has been in the cleaning industry for more than 20 years now and since our establishment we have been providing quality and guaranteed tile and grout cleaning services to our clients all across Melbourne.

How many times in a year I need to clean my floor?

ANS: There are many factors determining the frequency of tile cleaning. Some of them are pets, children, foot traffic, and floor condition. All these are taken into account before deciding the number of cleaning to be done annually.

How often do you recommend to clean or re-grout the tiles?

Regrouting the floor purely depends on your usage. Apart from that, there are hell amount of factors to be considered while spotting the frequency of tile and grout cleaning. The number of members in the family, your usage, your foot traffic, children at your home, the pets and even your home dirt and dust matters. Taking all the factors into consideration we would like to suggest you a daily floor cleaning with a normal cleaning agent.

What is the process you follow to clean my tile & grout?

Different tiles need different treatment. Seeing the need of the floor we use a rotary tool of greater pressure with dual rotating jets to unsoiled the floor and tile. With the process, a particular tile and grout cleaners are used to strip away all the waxy accumulation. this is also helpful for eliminating the dirt embedded in the grout lines.