5 Materials You Should Never Use To Clean Tiles

Tiles and grouts are a very important part of a house’s decoration and its overall outlook.  And this is perhaps why their cleaning is equally important. Though there are various materials and ways which can be used to clean tiles, however, some materials can be really harmful to them. It affects their shine and luster, thus making them less durable.

But this should not happen to you. Here are a few materials that you should never use to clean your tiles with. Let’s find out.

  • Harsh chemicals

Often people have the misconception that harsh chemicals can only clean the spots and spills properly.

At the time of installation, every individual thinks of boosting the durability of their tiles. But, homemakers make this huge mistake that shortens the life of their tiles. Using harsh chemicals over tiles is a big no. Chemicals might make your tiles look a bit clean at first, but they shorten their lifespan tremendously.

Thus, it is highly recommended to use organic chemicals to clean the tiles. They have the ability to clean every kind of spot without damaging the shine and the life of these tiles.

Best Tiles and Cleaning Services
Best Tiles and Cleaning Services
  • Colored chemicals

Somee people prefer using colored chemicals in order to clean the tiles in their house. This is something futile because the colored chemicals change the actual color of the tiles. This makes the entire set of tiles look uneven and makes your house look messy.

  • Bleach

Using bleach on tiles and mainly on grouts is not a good idea, as this may lead to the oxidation of grouts and leave them discolored.

  • Coarse scrubbers

While cleaning the tiles on a daily basis, you might want to use coarse scrubber in order to remove the harsh spots and the spills which get dry with time. They do so because of the misconception in their mind that scrubbers can clean the area efficiently, but the truth is that rough scrubbers often end up damaging your tiles. So, it is better to opt for a safe-on stone pad or a nylon brush to execute the work.

  • Acidic cleaners

Most of us do not really go through the ingredients while buying any kind of cleaners from the market, often landing upon harmful cleaners. For instance, certain cleaning agents host a high pH value and are highly acidic. These chemicals make the tiles and the grouts fragile and highly porous. It is a known fact that weak grouts re-soil faster, and due to this reason they get dirty even more often.

Further, make sure that you are not using excessive water while cleaning your tiles. This makes the tiles and grout more porous, thus making them become slippery.

So, avoid using the above-mentioned materials to clean the tiles and the grouts in order to boost their lifespan.

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