Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne – professional in tile cleaning, grout cleaning, tile sealing, and tile regrouting services in Melbourne! Call on 1300 331 708 for the same day service.

We Clean All Kinds of Tiles

Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne guarantees to provide you an extremely effective same day tile and grout cleaning service that leaves your floors gleaming and sparkling. We have latest technology and world class equipment to completely transform your dirty tiles and grouts into something shining and absolutely clean! With over 20 years of experience, we are one of the leading names in the industry.

Tile Grout Cleaning Melbourne
Tile Grout Cleaning Melbourne


Apart from tile and grout cleaning, you can also avail tile sealing, tile stripping, grout recolouring, grout sealing, grout repair, and tile repair etc from Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne. All our services come with guaranteed results, which means that if you do not feel satisfied/happy with our services then we will re-clean it for free!

What to Expect from Deluxe Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne?

When our experts from Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne reach your place, you can expect the following process:

  1. Floors can be of different kinds and before our experts get down to clean yours, they need to know what kind of flooring you have. This helps them pick the best cleaning solution for most efficient results.
  2. Once we know the floor type, an appropriate cleaning agent is evenly applied on the tiles and grouts. This removes dirt, dust, soil, stains, and all other harmful particles from the floors.
  3. The next step is the wash cycle that includes scrubbing, washing, and rinsing of the floors. Hot water extraction is used here.
  4. Lastly we use super advanced vacuum machines to remove all water and moisture content from the floors for fast drying.

You should keep in mind that just like your expensive carpets your floors also need your attention. They also need to be cleaned on regular basis to keep your working and living atmosphere clean and healthy. Dirty tiles and grouts, on the other hand, can lead to unwanted slips, falls, and a short life of the tiles. So instead of trying to clean those dirty tiles on your own, call the experts from Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne and spend a reasonable amount to get your tiles and grouts cleaned.

Tile Repair Service Melbourne
Tile Repair Service Melbourne
  • TERRACOTTA Tile Grout Cleaning
  • SANDSTONE Tile Grout Cleaning
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Tile & Grout Sealing
  • Sealer Stripping
  • Tile Repair
  • Tile Regrouting
  • Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Mould & Algae Treatment
  • Efflorescence Treatment
  • Silicone / Exp Joint Replacement
  • Tile Regrouting
  • Tile/ Grout Cleaning & Sealing

Certified Team of Tile Cleaning Melbourne holding over one decade Experience in Tile Cleaning. Give us a call to book now. We offer same day services in all suburbs of Melbourne.  Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne provide professional tile sealing, tile stripping , tile sealing, tile regrouting, grout color sealing, and minor tile repairs day tile cleaning services. Call the team at Deluxe Tile Cleaning today. Are your tiles in need of a proper scrubbing? We are the right people to help. With over 10 years experience, Deluxe has a fantastic customer service track record, boasting hundreds of repeat customers every year. Tile Cleaning Melbourne

Same Day Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Our tile and grout cleaning specialized in grout cleaning using high duty cleaning equipment. We use eco friendly tile chemicals safe for your pet and family.

Tile Sealing Specialists Melbourne

Our tile sealers are expert in sealing porous tiles. Tile sealing will helps you to prevent grout to get dirty and also prevent tile stains. Tile sealing create a layer of protection on the tiles. After tile sealing, tile surface become smooth easy to clean or mob your tile. We strongly recommend your new tiles to get tile sealing protection that will give more life to your tiles and protect tiles against deterioration.

Tile Sealing Specialists Melbourne
Tile Sealing Specialists Melbourne

Tile Repairs

We provide minor tile repair service as well.

Floor Stripping Melbourne

We use heavy duty tile cleaning equipment and tile stripping methods used to clean old stain from the tiles, remove old sealant. Our tile cleaners do their best to restore tiles to look like new.

Grout Color Sealing

Deluxe tile cleaners are professional at matching color of grout sealers with your choice of color and advise your about the sealer color. Tile color sealing will enhances the beauty of your tiles.

Tile Honing

Tile honing will help you to smother your tile surface. Tile will look more clean and elegant after stone honing process.

Tile Polishing

Tile Polishing Melbourne
Tile Polishing Melbourne

Tile polishing will completely restore optical hazing. Tile polishing will increase the shine of the tiles.

Tile Regrouting

Tile regrouting like skin rejuvenation, tile regrouting will make your tiles to look new and fresh. Deluxe tile cleaners are expert in regrouting your tiles.


OUR Tile Cleaning SERVICES

You wont be disappointed with a service clean from Deluxe. We offer the following:

  • Ceramic tile cleaning
  • Porcelain tile cleaning
  • Slate tile cleaning
  • Terracotta tile cleaning
  • Limestone tile cleaning
  • Bathroom tile cleaning
  • Marble tile cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaners Melbourne

Tile Restoration Services Melbourne

Deluxe Tile Cleaning has restored thousands of sq. meters of tiles and adopts the best procedure in order to restore the original look of your tiles.

Here is a comprehensive process that we adopt:

  • We inspect all the affected areas very closely
  • We explain the process thoroughly to the customers
  • We remove the old grout
  • We clear the grout lines with a special solution
  • We install the new grout in a color of your choice
  • Next, we clean the grout lines and remove haze from them
  • Grout is left to dry

Our expert tile cleaners and restoration experts make sure that your tiles are not affected during the entire process.

Tile Restoration Melbourne
Tile Restoration Melbourne


We follow a defined model at Deluxe, to ensure a repeatable and cost effective method is applied to all of our customers equally.

  1. The inspection
    • We first inspect all our clients premises to ensure we spot any grout that is creeping between tiles.
  2. Apply pre-grout clean
    • Alkaline based degreasing solution is applied to the surface.
    • Solution is allowed to stay for up to 20 minutes
    • This loosens accumulated soil, grease, contaminants and topical residues
  3. The turbo rinse
    • Tile and grout is rinsed using pressure heated water.
    • All water, tile and grout cleaning solutions and contaminants are captured and extracted away in one process.
    • System is completely fluid controlled with no over wetting of any other surfaces or areas
  4. Rotary Scrubbing
    • We thoroughly scrub all tiles to ensure grout and uncleanliness is removed.

Before and After Tile Cleaning

Deluxe Tile Cleaning Services

Whether you are entertaining guests, moving out of your home to allow tenants, or are a tenant yourself, you will need a tried and tested tile and grout cleaning.

Regardless of how expensive your tiles are, they will collect grime and dirt over continual use. The longer you neglect them, the harder they will be to remove. Our process takes care of the hassle for you by reigning in the best certified cleaners in the industry, and applying some elbow grease.
Your bathroom is only as good as it is clean. Make sure you dont come under fire from guests, landlords and future tenants by commissioning us for a tile & grout clean. We will use only the best and biodegradable chemicals to give your bathroom the attention it deserves.

Our Tile Cleaning Team in Melbourne

Our team at Deluxe Tile Cleaning includes only trained, insightful and accomplished tile cleaners. Our only objective is to please our customers and do work that is beyond their expectations. We wish to leave a smile whenever we complete our job. Our cleaners are located all across Melbourne.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Melbourne
Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Melbourne
  1. Jacob is the senior tile cleaner who lives in the Northern suburbs to provide excellent tile cleaning services to people of those areas.
  2. Max dedicatedly works to give his 100% in every tile cleaning job that he takes in the Eastern suburbs.
  3. Kyle is solely responsible for taking care of the tile cleaning requests of the Western suburbs.
  4. Jordan delivers his extraordinary tile cleaning skills to the residents of the Southern suburbs. He also specializes in Commercial tile cleaning.

Expert Tile Cleaners

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Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne consist of expert tile cleaners who know how to treat tiles and grouts. They are backed with the contemporary technology and strong cleaning solutions to do their job. And the best part is their visible courteousness that makes you feel more than just another customer. Thank you Deluxe Tile Cleaning!

Excellent Grout Re-coloring

4 5 1
Thank you for Deluxe Tile cleaning Melbourne excellent grout re-coloring services last week. We are very happy with the outcome and would love to use your services again

Deluxe Cleaners Love your Services

5 5 1
I am in total awe of Deluxe Cleaners Melbourne. First of all they have a wide range of cleaning services all under one roof. Be it carpet, upholstery, curtains, mattresses or tiles – they do it all! So, I don’t have to look anywhere else. Moreover, their unbeatable prices and trained and experienced cleaners add to their advantage.

Terrazzo Tile Cleaning

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The manner in which Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne dealt with the soiling problem on our exterior terrazzo entrance was really admirable. The area was thoroughly cleaned and sealed in such a fine way that it seems as if new installation has been done there. Everyone on the team was absolutely friendly and really co-operative. Thank you so much.

Bond Back Tile Cleaning

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I was very tensed when I had to leave my old apartment which was in a awful condition. The tiles had dirty footprints but Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne helped me in time and got my bond back. Thanks

Gleaming Tiles, Thanks to Deluxe!

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We have a big house in Melbourne and most of the time, we are unable to give time to the cleaning of the house. But thanks to Deluxe Cleaners we do not have to worry about dirty and stained tiles and grouts anymore. We call them once in a while and they leave us with gleaming tiles. We are a regular customer here.

Shining Tiles

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I am so happy to see my tiles shining again. All credit goes to Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne who made it all possible. Our tiles have been polished and they look great. – Jane

Same Day Tile Cleaning

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We didn’t know that same day concept existed for tile cleaning services until we came across Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne. Within a few hours of our first call for service request, the cleaners knocked on our door. Within a few hours, the complete job was done and we were almost staring at the cleaned tiles. We never thought they could be cleaned to such an extent. WOW!

Shower tiles Regrouting service

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Hi, I'm Zoe. My shower tiles were old and the grouting started to chip away. So I had to call Deluxe Tile Cleaning. They provide one of the best Shower tiles Regrouting service. They fixed my tiles by regrouting them together. Their work is amazing and they provide a long lasting service. I'm pleased with the aspects of their work.

Wonderful Tiles Cleaning Service

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I feel Deluxe Tile Cleaning provide the best Tile Cleaning Services. I booked them for my home tile cleaning. they did an excellent job. now my mom is quite happy with their services. I would like to recommend you to all my friends. They used some solution to clean the tiles. It's already a month passed but the tiles are still shining. Thank you Deluxe Tile Cleaning Team for your best service.

Tile Sealing

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I got tile sealing done at my home last year and it still looks fine. I am planning to call Deluxe team over again for grout recolouring this times. When services are provided in your budget you can plan so much. Thanks to Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne.

Thanks Deluxe cleaning team

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“Deluxe tile cleaning visited my home last Saturday and sorted out my slatted flooring. They sealed my tiles and grouts. Deluxe did a splendid job! Nice meeting you mate.”

First time user

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First time I've ever had my tiles and grout done and am so happy with the result, will make it an annual thing now. Great job guys one very happy customer.

Tile and Grout cleaning service

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Hey, I'm Ella. My tiles were old and needed a good cleaning so I called Deluxe Tile Cleaning one of the best Tile and Grout cleaning service provider in town. They did a good job on my tiles and grout and now my tiles shine like a mirror. I’m really happy with their impressive services.

Floor Renovations with No Mess

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I didn’t know floor removal could be a mess-free affair but these guys from Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne proved so. They removed my entire tiled floor without us being involved in anything. And thankfully we have got our bathroom renovated in a pleasant way. – Taylor

Spotless Tiles at Affordable Price

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We are glad to have finally found a company that not only boasts but also performs. Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne is actually capable of providing spotless tiles at affordable price. We have used their service twice and it is remarkable. Thanks for such a great job!

Excellent Service for Tile Cleaning

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I like Deluxe Tile Cleaning services for their best Tile Cleaning Melbourne. They serve almost all the suburbs in Melbourne. I feel Deluxe Tile Cleaning is a very good option for the floor cleaning and hygiene. They can make your floor neat enough so that our children can crawl around it. Using vacuum cleaner which is not enough for the detail cleaning and dust removal. I am happy with the services of Deluxe Tile Cleaning. . You will get the best value for your money. Thank you Deluxe Tile Cleaning.

Happy with Deluxe Tile Cleaning

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I am more than happy with Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne. I called them last Sunday and to my surprise they took upon the assignment for the same day. Within a few hours, I could not recognize my bathroom, kitchen, and shower area. All the tiles and grouts were thoroughly cleaned without any mess. SUPERB!

Bond Back Cleaning

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We had to move out of our home in a week’s time and we really didn’t have any time to do the floor cleaning so we thought of taking professional help. We called Deluxe Tile Cleaning Melbourne and got our bond back because of their flawless tile cleaning services. Thank you!